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Need major league help.

I need major league help and the phone lines are tied up like you wouldn't believe.  Started trying to solve this at 2pm and it's now 5 and I hung up as I never came off of hold but kept on getting silence then a beep then the hold message.

I was going to rant and rave, but past that stage now as I've had a chance to calm down.  I opened a new account last week when I found out that the phone I was using wasn't able to be used in the area I was visiting.  Opened the account using the chat function while talking to the agent (nothing else I could do as my phone at the time couldn't get data or signal, I was on my tablet, and using a resturaunt wifi to do the initial setup.)  We did the financial check, picked out a phone, and started service.  The person I talked to assured me that the phone would be delivered by saturday as I was leaving on Sunday to go home.  So, went back to the hotel and got some sleep.  Next morning, woke up with a shipment message saying that the phone was scheduled for monday....  Got on the hotel phone (they had issues the night before but finally got it straight and the phone was usuable) and got with customer service.  They ended up canceling my previous order, I had to downgrade my phone to meet my approval limit, and they said that after I paid a fee, I could pick it up instore.  So, paid the fee.  That took 1 1/2-2 hours to do (the agent was a peach and stayed with me the entire time so she gets major kudo's) as they needed supervisor after supervisor permissions, multiple tickets created/canceled/refiled, and a revamp of my plan...

So, picked up the phone which already had the sim card installed and was good to go and have had only minor issues mainly related to me having to get used to a different phone.  Got notice that my bill was ready.  After all the fuss, I wanted to make sure that everything I chose was listed on the plan...  The unlimited data, the protection plan, etc.  But, when I tried to log in, there was no information listed on having an account.  So, went to all the messages sent and found out they had created a new account and the messages had gone through the new account.  Not a big deal, but wished I had been informed.  Had to change the password and I was in.  I can now access my account, but the total owed is there but the items on the bill are not listed (plans, phone costs, protection plan) so I have no clue if the protection plan is included in the price.

Then, the people I was visiting called me up late yesterday...  The phone that was cancelled was delivered and they want to know what to do with it.  So, now I have something else to need to talk to a live individual about.

And yes...  For those thinking I had a bad trip, it seemed like everything went wrong from the hotel losing it's phone/wifi service to my phone not working.

So my main issues are:

I need a breakdown on my bill to find out if I'm enrolled in the protection plan like I asked.  I'm getting tired of the notices popping up that I only have a few days to enroll.

What to do with the phone.  Does Verizon have to have it picked up?  As it's the original phone I wanted, can I have them mail it to me and I switch it out and turn in the other one?  Do I have to get a return authorization and send it in myself?  I'd like to know before I get charged for 2 phones....

Just tried to go through the chat function, but it's informing me that chat is closed for the day and not willing to wait around forever and a day for the phone to be picked up...




Re: Need major league help.

Ok, finally got through to an agent that fixed the bill problem.  Everything is alright there.

2nd issue still remains.

The agent informed me that the A50 order that I had originally ordered does not exist in the system anymore.  They could not locate any information about it in the system using my SSN, the two account numbers, or searching by address.  But, the phone still exists....  It is at the people's house that I was visiting.  Their solution?  Create another order for an A50 and return it under that.  My issue is that sometime in the future, it will show me ordering 2 A50's then returning one, so I'm on the hook for an A50 that I never received....  Worked too long in Logistics, so I've seen supposedly "non-existent" orders get found during audits and create even more issues then it solved.

Re: Need major league help.
Customer Support

We deeply apologize for this entire experience you had when starting service with us, Juiced2014. We are here to help. 


Regarding the first phone, if that phone was not delivered to you, then that phone should be on its way back to us from the Shipper. Once it is received your original account should be closed, especially since you stated you contacted us about that phone already.


We are sad to say, but that original phone cannot be used on your second account created for the phone you have now. To view a detailed break down of your bill you can simply do this from your My Verizon account when you select the PDF version of the bill. Here is a link to show you how to get that option


If insurance does not show on your line, then you can simply add it through your My Verizon account as well. When you hover over Plan, you can then select Products & Apps, there in the Get Products section, you can scroll down and select the insurance option you are looking for. 


We also want you to be aware that this is a Public Community Forum where customers communicate with each other on different issues or experiences. Post here can take up to 48 hours before we can view them. 


To get assistance sooner please reach out to us on Facebook on our Verizon page or Tweet to us on Twitter @VZWSupport.