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New Account

Ok so my wife and I are new to Verizon have only had account a little over 24 hours, and ready to cancel over lies and misrepresentations of the service.

1. Was explained bill would be around 185 a month for all 3 devices including insurance at 15.00 per device.

2. Was explained about 40.00 activation fee per device. 

3. Was told approved no deposit and that the devices we wanted were on special 50% off and would pay 21.87 per month total for both devices

4. We were told we were paying the taxes upfront based off full retail price for the devices on credit

5. Was advised first bill would be available November 10th

Well 24 hours later the following happened.

1. First bill received almost 400.00 100.00 more then planned!!

2. Credit for phones as promised at store was not applied

3. Contacted billing oops they were closed but available in chat.

4. Looked over everything with fine tooth comb and discovered that monthly bill with all features we were promised at 185 was now costing over 260 monthly so cancelled all extras which had no bearing on bill.

So contacted support by chat and spoke with Jordan for over an hour and came up with the following:

1. Activation was 120.00 and cause of inconvienance would lower by 60.00

2. Was advised he saw I had cancelled the insurance and cloud services but would not go into effect until next bill being that this bill came out within 24 hours that I activated services. That we would be responsible for paying the full amount.

3. Was advised we did purchase phones with 50% off special however takes 3 billing periods before we will see the discounted price and have to pay full price for 3 billing cycles.

4. Was advised after 60.00 discount I would still be responsible for over 340.00 which was over my budget and additional 30.00 credit was given.

5. I asked repeatedly what I had paid over 180.00 on yesterday with no response after I explained was told there was no deposit and was only supposed to be paying taxes on 3 devices.

6. Jordan agreed

7. Low and behold I pull out the paperwork and boom 80.00 charged for device setup which Jordan said the only 40.00 fee that should be charged by Verizon is the activation fee. I advised Jordan this was marked on invoice as device setup fee. Jordan advised this should be refunded as he was unable to see what I paid at stores but advised Verizon does not charge such a fee and if not for activation this fee is unacceptable and should be waived

The sales guy did not mention this fee in conversation whatsoever was not given as option they setup the phone for me just like Metro did when I was with them but only paid a 15.00 activation fee with Metro and they even took the extra step of moving and cards connecting devices to backup and transfer. All they did in store here was hit a button for device restore from Google. 

I explained to Jordan was still frustrated because of misinformation my first bill was still 30.00 over planned budget and paid up front for 2 phone setup fees that he is telling me I should not if been billed for. I was given another 30.00 in credit and advised the other fees I would need to take up with the store here's a copy of the conversation:Screenshot_20191021-024757.png



I am really disappointed with Verizon and wondering if I should just cancel at this point altogether after being told the bill came out so have to pay full amount as credits for cancelling insurance and cloud would not post until following month. Yet account setup 24 hours ago would anyone pay for services in advance for services they are not receiving? 

Anyways thanks for reading my rant hopefully Verizon will resolve this issue before I cancel services and end this nightmare 80.00 in phone setup fees and over 110.00 in taxes and 1.00 for a tablet plus 120.00 on bill for activation fees someone insane.


Re: New Account

I will reply with more comments later, but I will say this first. Activation fee of $40 X 3 phones equals $120. That is a legitimate charge and you shouldn't have been credited for it. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: New Account

We need more information to properly assess the situation. Which plan did you sign up for? How many lines on the account? Phone models? Any other devices? Did you sign up for the autopay and paperless billing discount? When did start your account? What is the date of your bill, particularly the billing cycle dates? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.