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New Customer - Wrong Charges for the service I never used!

I took 3 lines from Verizon by porting in my 3 phone numbers from TMobile on June 27, 2022. I noticed the next day that Verizon had charged me for a full month from May 23 to June 22, 2022, with a phone number that I never had and I never used. I also noticed that the next month's bill show charges for 6 lines!

I called Verizon support. I have been asked to ignore next month's Bill as the Rep claimed that it's just an estimate and it is destined to change once it nears the payment date. However, she asked me to focus on the current month's Bill (May 23rd to June 22nd), which was a wrong charge on my bill. She was glad to credit the service charge back to my account and asked me to wait for 24 hours before it gets reflected on my bill. 

After waiting for two days, I had to call again as the credit did not appear on my online bill as promised. The rep named Tamika, could not explain why the credit did not go through but she promised me that she has reopened the case to give the credit, and the credit should appear within 24 to 48 hours.

As the credit did not appear as promised after 2 days, I called the service again. This time, the rep was Arlene. Instead of going through my case, she tried to give me an explanation of the bill and what are those various charges. I asked her to look at my case and after some attempts from my side, she told me that she reopened the case again. However, this time, she asked me to wait until July 13th to see the credit! I asked her what is the point in waiting that long because my automatic payment is due on July 12th. As per her, as this case is open and I have disputed my bill, Verizon will not initiate the auto-pay for a transaction. in dispute. She also told me that Verizon is waiving two activation fees for all the inconvenience it had caused me. I only have to pay one activation fee for 3 phones.

However, on July 7th, I got a notification saying that my case with Verizon is closed. It did not say if it was in favor or against. I logged in to My Verizon App but the bill was not changed. I try to click on the "details" button on the support case, it said, "unfortunately no details were available about this case". I called the support again, unlike other Reps, Jay was patiently listening and trying to get to the bottom of the case. He told me that he was able to see all the past credits issued but he is not sure why it did not apply yet to my bill. He started working with his supervisor to see what best he could do to help me.

After a while, he explored with me if I could just pay this month's bill this time and get the credit for this payment next time. I told him, I don't want to make a payment for the wrong charges now and then fight to get the credit at the mercy of the Verizon billing system. In addition, I already had paid for the full month to my previous carrier, and paying the wrong charges to Verizon will cause an undue financial burden on me. He understood my situation, he kept working with his supervisor. Finally, he told me that his supervisor is on my case and he is crediting the charges back to my account. I should be able to see the changes in 1-2 hours.

While Jay was working with his supervisor, I got a notification from my bank that Verizon is scheduled for auto-pay for the full charges on July 8th. I bought this notification to Jay's attention. He asked me to ignore it and Verizon will only charge me this month for one activation fee.

After 5 minutes, I received a call from John, Jay's supervisor. After security verification, he asked me if I could just pay for the full month (for the wrong charges!) for this month and he will work on getting me the credit for it in my next bill! I repeated that I cannot do so. He then went on to repeat that I should see the credit in 1-2 hours and Verizon will only charge me for one activation fee this month.

3 hours have passed since the call ended. I still see the unchanged bill in the Verizon app. 

Now, Verizon is not allowing me to log in to the My Verizon app. I had enabled MFA for the billing app. As a result, every time, I tried to log in, Verizon will send me a code that I need to use in the app before I can log in. However, The app says "You can only get three codes in 24 hours". I have never seen a system from a major company in the USA that blocks (throttles) their customer from logging into their own account after 3 successful times!