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New Number Complaint

New Verizon Number Complaint

Could not find any place on Verizon Wireless’s web site to send a complaint or a compliment.  So I am posting it here.

January 08, 2020

Went to the Verizon Store in Paramus NJ to get new phones and consolidate two Verizon Wireless accounts into one.  Was informed that they were having a promotion of buy one phone get one free.  So I would buy two and get two free.  Only catch was the new phones would have to get new numbers.


January 20 - 27, 2020

Began updating bank, credit card and utility companies with my new cell number.


January 29, 2020

Continued updating bank and credit card companies with new cell number.  Found three companies still were not sending my new cell phone text messages.  They could still send to my old phone and email addresses.  Call one bank and spent over an hour with their tech support trying to correct the issue.  First I was told that when I update a cell number it takes till 6:00 am the next day to update.  After telling him I made the changes four days ago he asked me to text OPTIN to their system.  This only returned an error message.  He then removed all my security features and reinstalled them.  Still no change.  After no success he came to the conclusion that the messages were being blocked and to call my carrier.  Since this was 10:00 at night I had could not call Verizon.


January 30, 2020

Called Verizon 11:00 am and spoke with a customer care person who tried to help, but he could not find a problem.  He then transferred me to higher tech support.  The lady who helped me was very nice and worked very diligently for close to three hours to figure out the issue.  She said there were no blocks on the number by Verizon.  She reset my phone and tried other fixes on her end to no avail.  Then she had me swap the sim card from my new phone to my old phone.  My old phone with my new number also could not receive text messages from these companies. 

She then asked if I would mind getting another new number, which I agreed too.  Once this number was in my new cell phone I was able to receive text messages from two of the three companies and now when I send the OPTIN text I still do not get the reply response but I no longer get the error message.  I am waiting on the 6:00 am activation to see what happens.

The conclusion from the Verizon tech was that there is a block on certain short code numbers associated with the number given me.  These blocks are not visible to Verizon and there is no way to remove them because the blocks exist on other companies servers.  As we talked I learned that this is a common occurrence with cell numbers and all carriers and there is no mechanism in place to clean a recycled number prior to being re issued.  So anyone can put blocks and restrictions on their number then cancel that number and the next person who get that number has to live with how the previous person configured it.

The tech was nice enough to explain to me the reason I could not keep my old number is just so Verizon can show a new activation on their books to their stock holders.  It apparently does not matter that this new activation will also contain a deactivation of a current number.  As she put it I am in a group that falls into a loophole. 

As I explained to her I have been with Verizon Wireless for 20 years I have stayed with them because the technical service has never let me down.  I went in to get new phones and consolidate two plans into one, it was the sales person who said they were having a deal, buy one phone get one free, so in my case I would buy two and get two free.  After I agreed then he told me that the two new phones would require new numbers.  I agreed, knowing that I would have to deal with changing my number with all the companies I do business with and send out change on number to all my friends.  I would never have agreed to it if I thought for one moment I would not get service based on the new number.  She did offer me a solution if  wanted to keep my old number, which is to go and have it ported to another carrier for a day then call Verizon and have it ported back as a new number to my new phone.  Personally I think this is a very poor way to treat a loyal customer, and even though the people I spoke with were very helpful and professional, it is obvious that the company is more concerned with attracting new customers than taking care of current customers. 

If I encounter any issues in the next day or so giving the new, new number to any company I will probably have to figure out how to do that juggling act.  I am also concerned about any other issues that might pop up in a month or year from now with this recycled number.

I do know that no matter what number I keep when it is time for get new phones they will not be with Verizon Wireless.  Also since I am fortunate enough to work in the entertainment industry in NYC I am going to discuss this with people I know in the news agencies and see if anyone wants to pick up a tech story, since I seriously doubt Verizon Wirelelss is going to be concerned about a current customer.

Re: New Number Complaint
Sr. Member

A recycled number will always be hit or miss regardless of carrier, this is well known. Not really a tech story.

The person that suggested port out then back in to help would be chewed out if QA was listening in. I don't think you realize someone put their job on the line trying to help you.