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New Verizon Unlimited Plans

Verizon should put themselves in the shoes of a consumer.  The new unlimited plans are not really that great.  I was looking at Sprint's unlimited plans and they offer way more than Verizon. On thier second tier plan they offer ulimited Hulu and Tidal and you get 50GB of Mobile hotspot for only $70.  So why would I as a consumer pay more with Verizon to get less??  Sprint also has way better deals as far as pricing on the phones and for new customers and existing customers.  I can't remember a time that Verizon ever offered an existing customer a free tablet and pay just $25 for the plan..?? I think Verizon is a rip off and they are just like AT&T- all about the money.  Like for instance, I have a tablet and a phone and I'm eligible for an upgrade and trade in but if I trade in and upgrade I will be paying dam near $160 for my phone bill to get the phone that I want.  I would have to pay $80 for the plan $20 for the tablet line plus the payments and then about $40 for the payments on the new phone.  Like why???....  I just wish Verizon would put themselves in the shoes of thier customers! We are the one's that are spending the money! 

Re: New Verizon Unlimited Plans
Customer Support

ASHSTI34, I am always looking for the best deals myself, and I can see why you would be concerned with pricing on our plans. I am here to help and get you all the information you need. I want to set proper expectations regarding our plans. As the other carrier does give things out like Hulu and Tidal, we do offer a premium service that reaches 98% of the United States. Our plans also do not have any domestic roaming charges or throttle speeds if roaming in the United States. We always want to provide the best value and keep you connected at all times. You can find out more about what we have to offer here: What type of phone were you interested in?   SantoC_VZW