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New customer experience - Verizon's gross incompetence

After 21 years with AT&T, I have switched to Verizon due to spotty coverage of AT&T in my area.  After being with Verizon for a month, I have added another line and upgraded an existing one with a purchase of a new phone; however, Verizon is unable to activate the new phone for a week now.

I have 18 calls to and from +1-800-922-0204 and 8 calls to *611.  All these call total to about 4 hours on the phone in just one week.  In addition, I have had countless chats with Verizon's digital assistant during this period.

I have spoken to Verizon's Core Activation team who ensured that they will take care of this; I have spoken to multiple agents who said that they will take care of this; however, I have a $1,300 paperweight so far.  It is new and pretty, but not used for purpose intended.

I have contacted Verizon again tonight and asked for a supervisor.  After being on hold for 15 minutes, I was told that I will get a call back from supervisor, Jamie.  I received a call; however, her headphones (or line) was broken to the level of complete incomprehension - I could barely understand every other word.  I have asked her to call me back and, by deciphering the words on this bad line, I understood that she will dial me back from another phone.  Calling Verizon back at 10:02 PM PST got me to a wonderful message that this call is now outside of their new business hours.

She called me back again; however, her line was the same - I could not understand anything she was saying.  It was not my phone or line, as I tested it with another phone call.

Activating a phone should not be a week-long activity with close to 4 hours on the phone.  My time is valuable as well and I don't have to deal with gross incompetence of a company that claims to be the leader in this space.


Right before posting, I received a SMS with a new (escalation) ticket numbers and message "Kindly give us 4-5 hours, and we will give you an update about the status of the ticket so we can activate your phone."  Well, let's see what Verizon fairy can bring to me while I am asleep.


Re: New customer experience - Verizon's gross incompetence
Sr. Member

If you push a stump, it doesn't move. Having 20+ different people trying to push the same stump isn't going to get a different result. This is what spam calling CS is effectively doing. When there is a genuine technical problem, calling the CS number repeatedly isn't going to resolve it any quicker. I'd personally have better things to do than sit on hold for someone I know isn't going to be able to do anything.

You're right, a typical activation shouldn't take this long. When an activation goes right, it takes less than 10 minutes. Things that can cause a delayed activation can range from not turning the old phone off, information not matching (example: the activation is trying to activate a sim card it came with and you have your old sim card installed), being in a poor coverage area, Apple servers being down or a problem serious enough that requires a network ticket. For the latter, it's escalated to a team CS has no direct communication with -- that is a wait affair.

I'm positive Care will be willing to compensate you, but calling excessively isn't doing you any favors unless you like the hold music.

Re: New customer experience - Verizon's gross incompetence


Referring to talking to Verizon representatives as "push a stump" does not yield much confidence in their qualifications and/or ability to solve customer issues.  My expectations of them was a little higher.

"sit on hold for someone I know isn't going to be able to do anything" - my expectation of Verizon was a little higher.

Calling CS number repeatedly has finally solved the issue today, when I got a responsible manager (Douglas) on the phone.  He was able to connect with Technical team and resolve the issue.  There was a block on the activation that needed to be removed and it has nothing to do with the external factors, such as Apple servers, coverage area, SIM card, old Phone, etc.  It was pure negligence and incompetence of the Technical team that "didn't realize that the phone is not working" - this issue should have been solved one week earlier.