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New phone ordered to me by V without my permission or even knowledge!

I've seen this has happened to others. So idiotic and no valid reason. I got the email today that seemed like a hack, since I had nothing to do with it. Yes, one phone on my family account is affected by the 3G shutdown, but that's not for five months and I already had strategy in place for a new phone for that line and have been waiting to see if better deals come up.  If it's August or Dec, if I didn't order a phone, I didn't order a phone! 

It's not even a free phone!! It's an $80 Kazuna eTalk that I never would have selected, much less paid $80 for! The $80, for the phone I never ordered, is already showing on my bill, so I'm being charged for this insanity!  I can only imagine the nightmare of returning it without restocking fee and whatever other charges will be like. What the heck has happened with Verizon over the past decade??

Have waited on hold for eternities. Someone in Customer Service PLEASE respond with a direct line that I can call to get through to someone to cancel this madness. Thanks.