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New phone promotional not being honored by Verizon

In May 2021, I contacted Verizon by telephone to see if there was a way to lower my telephone bill.   The agent told me that two of my lines were eligible for upgrade and he started talkng about the iphone 13.  I reminded him I was trying to lower my bill, not buy a new phone.   He responded by asking me if I would be interested in getting a new phone if my bill, after the credits and promos, were lower.   I told him that I would be interested in how he could do that.   Thus began a $1299 nightmare that I have been paying on for a year (my phone bill also increased about $100 per month). 

I was told about a promotional that had just expired, which required me to upgrade my five lines to unlimited data.   I would then receive a $699 credit toward the purchase of each of the two eligible lines.  The agent signed me up for paperless billing, made some other adjustments to my bill and everything looked good so agreed to the deal.  I was told to pick up the phones at a verizon store about 2 hours from where I live.  

When I read the contract, there was no mention of a credit.  It looked to me like a regular purchase agreement and it showed full price for the two phones.  The agent said that everything would appear correctly on the first months bill and I shouldn't worry, I would receive the credit on the two phones.   The first bill arrived and there was no credit, so I called Verizon.  I was told that the reason the credit didn't appear was because I hadn't returned the two old phones.   I responded that I was never told I had to return the phones, and that one of them was broken.  The agent told me that I should return them anyway, and that he would send me packaging material to use to return the phones.

The packaging material never arrived, so when I received the second bill and there was no credit shown, I called Verizon again.  The agent told me that it didn't appear as though the promotional I received required me to turn in an old phone.  I related what I had been told a month earlier and the agent replied that if I were supposed to return a phone, they would have sent me packing material, and he fact that I hadn't received it meant that the phone didn't have to be turned in.  He said the adjustment would show on my next bill.

A couple of months passed with no price adjustment so I began contacting Verizon again.   I contacted chat and after hours of being disconnected and then put on hold I was told that I had not followed through with returning the old phone and that was the reason I didn't get a credit.   Nothing could be done about it.   I asked for a supervisor and was told that I was already speaking to the supervisor.  The next month I tried again and was given the same answer.  I asked if I could return the old phones and I was told that it was too late.

The result of this misrepresentation by Verizon is costing me $1299 and I'm locked into another year of payments to Verizon.   My phone bill didn't go down.   I am paying close to $500 per month, sometimes more to the company which lied to me and misrepresented the terms of the promotional to induce me to buy two full-price new phones I couldn't afford.  As soon as my phones are paid off, I plan to leave Verizon and try to forget how I've been defrauded.   Nobody at Verizon cares.   I have dealt with Verizon in good faith throughout and all I've heard from Verizon is that the whole thing is my own fault for not following through on my side of the agreement.

Re: New phone promotional not being honored by Verizon
Customer Support

Hello gfrand! 


I am so sorry to hear that you have not been able to take advantage of the promotion you signed up for when you upgraded! We are here to help, and we want to assist in resolving this. Please reply to our Private Note for additional assistance with your account.