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No benefits for loyal customers

Been with Verizon customer for many years now and it kinda bothers me that if I want to upgrade my Moto Z play,  I get absolutely no special incentives to stay with Verizon..  If I were a new customer, I could get a free phone, But I am already a customer so to bad..   Plus the new plans are kinda nuts, I dont want a phone to sit and watch disney hulu or any of that other garbage, I want to make phone calls, Text and check emails..      Maybe it is time to change and get a reasonable priced phone and cheaper plan from the competition.

Re: No benefits for loyal customers
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Most basic unlimited plan from Tmobile is $60 for a single phone on autopay. Start Unlimited from Verizon is $70 with autopay. Most basic unlimited from AT&T for a single phone is $65 with autopay.

If you have more lines, cost goes down for all 3. When you do research instead of rely on marketing, you'll see that cost isn't really that different.. And these are readily available plans with a requirement any customer can sign up for. If you are military, first responder, teacher or nurse, there's more discounts.

I have a lower priced unlimited plan as an offer that costs us $110 before tax for 3 phones and I'm on Verizon. Moving from this plan to the perceived "cheap" Tmobile would raise my bill $20.

You can always go prepaid if you don't mind prepaid quality. As for phones, you aren't entitled to anything. Carrier branded phones are full of bloatware and aren't really free. If you decided to leave, you owe what would have been left in the original loan. If you stay, you pay in having atrocious service. Last I was using Tmobile service, I got emergency calls only while my wife had 3 bars on Verizon. A "free" phone doesn't mean anything when it has no service.


Re: No benefits for loyal customers
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Would think existing customers would receive same offer or deals