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Nobody at Verizon will help me

I ordered a Alcatel basic phone about one month ago.  Just paid for it on my last bill.  Last week on the back side where you flip the phone open and close a crack started to show.  I talked to a tech coach last weekend and he gave me an 800 number to call.  I did not drop the phone.  It had come out of my pocket a few times and was lying on my bed or couch but not enough to crack the back plastic.  I told this coach that I talked to several agents who told me I had to purchase a new phone.  I told him I was disabled and had a very low income.  He said there has to be a way for them at this 800 number to help me since I only had the phone for a month.  My previous phone lasted 4-5 years!  Today a piece of plastic came off where the crack started.  I called the 800 number and they said that customer care should be able to help me.  Well, customer care could care less.  They said there was nothing they could do to help me.  I had to get a new phone.  I need one because I am 50 years old and have a disfigured leg from breaking my femur bone in my knee and if I would fall I would have a phone to call for medical help.  I told them I live with my parents and don't know what I will do when they are gone because they are both in their 80's.  After paying my health insurance, I only get $400 a month from disability...not much to get an apartment and pay for groceries.  The customer care rep said she talked to her manger and her care manager and she did not care less either.  So, I caved in and got another new phone.  What a waste of $100 on the Alcatel phone only bought a month ago.  Wish I had got the Kyocera phone which is more expensive but is the same phone my Mom and Dad have now and I had for 4-5 years.  At least, the $100 would have gone towards a more reliable phone.  Most people probably think it's only a $100, but for someone who only has $400 a month a $100 is a lot!  I kept telling them that the tech coach said there has to be a way for them to help me even though I did not have insurance.  He said the phone should have lasted longer than 1 month.  He is the only one that seemed sincere in wanting to help me.  Customer Care does not "care"...