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Not honoring prices seems to be a trend

Two days ago, I entered my phone info to trade in my S10e to get the S22 Ultra 512GB.  Once done, I was presented with a price of $11.11 a month for the phone.  I was also going to be charged $35 for the service fee.  After reading what was included in the fee, I opened a chat with Verizon, asking that the fee be waived.  I was told a remark would be added to my account and I was guaranteed that I would be credited the $35.  So I decided to get the phone.

I stated the price for the phone should be $11.11 and asked for the rep to let me know how much my bill would be.  She told me the price for my plan (Do More0, my iPad, watch, and phone line and phone payment would be $145 and the phone was $19.44 a month.  So I said the price was different and asked what plan do I need to have to get the phone at the displayed $11.11 a month.  The response was "I don't know".  So after 40 minutes of chatting, I decided I'll hold off because the price kept changing ($11.11, $19.44, $16.66, $11.11).  

I sign out, clear cache, power off PC, power back on, login into my account again, and there it is again, $11.11 for the S22 Ultra 512GB Phantom Black.  So I do another chat.  I state I want the phone for $11.11 a month.  I say the Verizon Website is showing me I get the phone for $11.11, but I ask, do I need anything else to get this?  I'm told no.  I restate, with my current plan, and my S10e, I get the S22 Ultra 5112 for $11.11, the response "Correct".  I say okay, let's do it.  Then again the price changed to $16.66.  I'm told  I can speak with the sales team to see if they can honor it because the chat rep could not. 

I call the sales team, explain it all again (third time) , basically he says I need to talk to the internet sales team.  He agreed if I have proof of a lower price, I should get the lower price.  Internet sales could do that.

I get transferred and I get through half of the explanation to find out I was transfered to the activation department.  So then I am transferred to internet sales.  

This person thinks I want to purchase internet service, but after I explain the situation (fifth time), he says its needs to be escalated, but that needs to go through the promotion department.  He also said the promotion department will try not to escalate it, I need to be persistent.  So I'm transferred to promotions.

I explain my situation again (sixth time).  This rep is reading notes and then we get disconnected.  I call back, ask for promotions, I am eventually transferred.  I explain to this rep (seventh time), and this time spent an hour and 15 minutes going around in circles.  I repeated say I have screenshots of the price I was quoted, but no one seemed to care about that.  I ask to have someone call me back after 6 pm the next day (today).  I'm told notes are be added and I'll get a call.

7 pm today, no phone call, so I call.  I ask for promotions, and I'm transferred.  I'm asked why I'm calling I say there should be notes on my account.  I'm told the notes are not clear.  So I explain again (eighth time).  This rep is able to recreate what I saw, including the $11.11 price.  This is after 35 minutes on the phone with her.  So then she says she is going to check with a supervisor on what to do.  Then I'm told to go to a Verizon store so I can explain this for the ninth time.  I push back because I am sure the store will say that's internet sales, you need to talk to them or something.  I say this was supposed to be escalated by promotions and I was to get a call.  Then I'm told that I am speaking with customer care, so it's not even the right department!

The Promotion department closed at 5, but I was told they or someone higher up would call me after 6.  I see why that didn't happen now.  I'm told to go to the store again and if they can honor it they will, but I already know that Verizon is basically segmented, so each department seems like a separate business.    I'm told I can't get to promotions directly I have to go through customer care where it is their job to try to resolve the issue.  I ask if they read the notes first and then try to assist or vice versa.  Basically, I'm told it's that latter.  

Despite my proof, an employee being able to recreate what I did and almost seven hours of chats and phone calls, , they are still giving me the runaround.  Someone just needs to honor the price and then if it is a glitch fix it.  Should not be this hard.  Ben with then for 10 plus years, I'd rather not change companies, but they are making it very very very hard not to do so.