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OVERPROMISED and UNDERDELIVERED = Verizon is dishonest, disrespectful, and evasive, period!

Here's the story (hold on tight bc it's a wild ride into the world of dishonest business practices by Verizon, as per the norm):

My pup tripped me on a walk and I broke a brand new S21 Ultra. It was the first time I bought a device that had just been released to the marketplace. Unfortunately, I didn't have insurance, so I went to a retailer in Golden/Littleton, Colorado, and purchased another S21 Ultra.

I was ensured Verizon would take care of me as a customer. As the subject line denotes, I was overpromised and underdelivered on every aspect of this situation; the most frustrating thing is it continuously happens despite countless hours of my life spent talking to Verizon representatives about resolving my issues. 

When I bought the replacement S21 Ultra, unbeknownst to me, the customer service associate at the store started a 3rd phone line without my knowledge, (I had a 2nd line for business purposes). I found out about it because I called Verizon (again) to inquire about why my monthly bill had been outrageously high for months on end. I DID NOT give my permission to start the 3rd line and had no idea it existed. It was never used bc the associate dishonestly and methodically assigned the number to the phone that had been broken...

but that's not the end of the story in the least...

The associate said if I turned in the broken S21 Ultra that I'd be given $450 in rebates. I tried to return the phone while talking to various associates (again, I've spent weeks of my life trying to get this situation resolved) and was eventually told I needed to find a corporate Verizon store to return it. I live in a rural part of the country and had to travel 4+ hours round trip to find a corporate store in the city (no joke and no exaggeration). Once I found and drove to the corporate store, they informed me I needed to call in to take care of the trade-in bc they didn't have the ability to take the phone.

Thus, I was told to go to a corporate store visive chatting online and over the phone and was told by associates in person that I needed to call in, (AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN). It was akin to being aimlessly passed around without any accountability on Verizon's part. The corporate customer service reps could see the notes taken from the chats and phone calls on my account that eluded to the rebate, however, they denied helping me...

still, this isn't the end of the story if you can believe it...

I'd been paying for months on end for a phone line that hadn't and wasn't being used. It was well documented that the line was started without my authorization, and I was promised refunds for the months I'd been paying for it (in addition to the phone rebate as a "trade-in").

I was informed that when I went to the corporate store they'd have the ability to issue a refund for the wasted money I'd spent over the course of 6 months!!!!!!!!!! Y'all can already imagine how that played out at this point.... of course, the associates told me they could "see the notes on my account," that proved I wasn't fabricating what was told to me during copious chats, but they still didn't have the ability to issue refunds, take the trade-in phone, and/or offer anything other than a "Verizon Customer Loyalty" phone number.

I'd just driven 2 hours to get to the corporate store, one-way mind you, only to be let down YET AGAIN!!! It's unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was obviously furious and for good reason. Paying $600 a month for services is outrageous no matter how you skin the cat, so to speak. I called the 'customer loyalty number a dozen times. Each associate said, "Rest assured Jonathan, we'll get this taken care of for you today." This was the rhetoric from each and every associate, a scripted and stereotypical response from trained monkeys that take ZERO INTEREST in helping customers in situations like mine. I was promised hasty callbacks after saying I "didn't want to spend the rest of my life on the phone with Verizon associates bc I'd already spent seemingly endless amounts of time on the phone with the company," so they said they'd schedule return calls with good news about resolving my issues.

They never called back!!!! Not once; even after another dozen or more calls to the company. I STILL DON'T HAVE A RESOLUTION TO DATE.... I'M TOLD THE SAME EXACT NONSENSE FOREMENTIONED in that, 'We'll get this taken care of for you and we're sorry for the inconvenience,' AND, 'We understand you're frustrated but will help you.'

The company continues to evade my inquiries about resolving the problem, my bill is through the roof to the point I can't keep up with the payments, the company owes me thousands of dollars (seriously, thousands!!!), and their promises have fallen short more times than I can count. 

Verizon is the worst cell phone company I've ever experienced, which is saying something given the nature of cellular companies in general. I expect to be taken care of as a longstanding customer, however, they continue to dissuade at every turn. I've heard nothing positive and am essentially told I'm in the wrong -- and they're right.

This kind of shady business practice should illicit lawsuits. I can't believe the company can get away with this kind of negligence. It's unbelievably dishonest, unfair, disrespectful, and the like...

I'm going to stop paying Verizon the endless hard-earned funds I painstakingly toil for. I'll give up my number and let the bill go to collections, bc at this point I'd rather do that than continue to feed their greedy mouths. It's an endless paradigm and they shouldn't be able to get away with this. There should be consequences for this type of shady dealing with the American public.


Re: OVERPROMISED and UNDERDELIVERED = Verizon is dishonest, disrespectful, and evasive, period!
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Re: OVERPROMISED and UNDERDELIVERED = Verizon is dishonest, disrespectful, and evasive, period!
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