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Online sales rep lied about promo qualifications

I was conducting research for a new device and cellular plan, I needed something that could handle high data volumes for a new job I just started, and I figured it was a good time to upgrade to 5G. While shopping on the Verizon site, I was informed by a notification that there are some "online only" deals available and to use the chat tool to find out more, so I started a chat with a sales rep. The sales rep told me I could get up to $1k via prepaid Mastercard and a boosted value on my trade in, for a limited time, by signing onto an Unlimited plan and purchasing a qualifying device. I asked to examine the fine print of the promotional offer and they told me they were not authorized to disclose fine print details, which was suspicious, but they gave me assurances that I would qualify for the promo. I asked for as much detail as they were authorized to give me, and they gave me some specifics, that the prepaid Mastercard amount would be based on Early Termination Charges from my previous carrier, and outstanding balance on my device. I told the sales rep that I am not under a contract with my carrier and informed them who the carrier was, and that I don't owe anything on my current device. They assured me that if I purchased a new device from Verizon on a payment plan, the balance of my new device would qualify me for the promotional prepaid Mastercard. I felt a little uneasy about switching, since a Verizon unlimited plan is more than double the cost of the carrier I was planning to leave, but it sounded like a great deal, and the promotion could help justify the cost of a more expensive plan. The sales rep wanted to sign me up themselves, and I figured they might get a commission so I let them do it so they could collect on their work and get paid for the attention they gave me, because my questions were fairly exhaustive and they spent a good deal of time helping me. After everything was concluded, I copied the entire conversation and took screenshots of a few key elements of the conversation...

Fast forward 5 days and my phone arrives, I spend a few hours with customer support trying to get my number ported in (this was an unrelated problem), and I finally get emailed the link for the promotional offer. I do not qualify for the promotion. Now that I was finally able to read the fine print, I see that the value of the prepaid Mastercard is based exclusively on outstanding balances with the previous carrier and not my new phone, which the sales rep assured me would qualify. I call tele-sales, get transferred to CARES, get transferred to some other customer support line, and then back to tele-sales, basically getting kicked around like a soccer ball for a couple hours, usually being transferred without even being told they were transferring me, requiring me to explain the situation over and over, ad nauseum. Basically what I was left with was, "we are sorry that happened to you." That's it. No solution, no reconciliation. Not even a compromise to let me apply a separate promotion, just "we're sorry." Seriously, VZN? Seriously?


TLDR: Verizon sales reps are not held accountable to lying to you, they will make promises to get your business, do not trust them.

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Re: Online sales rep lied about promo qualifications
Customer Support

Hello there! We're terribly sorry for the misinformation. We would love to help you in any way we can. Please reply to our private note to get started. ~Aaron