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Order stuck in processing. and cant get the order canceled.

At 7:30 am on march the 1st I used the my Verizon app on my prepaid account to purchase and iPhone 12 for $699 plus tax. I received an initial email as a receipt with a link to track my order. When i click the link I noticed that it continued  to say "processing" under the status when it should have already shipped. On top of that I had received no other email about the item and the purchase was never shown in my Verizon app account page. 

So on march the 2nd I attempt to get assistance and check the order. Hours in online chat and then hours more on the phone till finally someone  tells me its a known error that happens via the in app purchases. No IEMI number was linked to the purchase upon paying for it and there for it was stuck in limbo and would never ship nor update and needed to be canceled. I was placed on hold for 45min until the automated system hung up on me right as the customer support closed.

Today march the 3rd the day my purchase was supposed to arrive i start first thing in the morning on the phone to cancel the order. Hours of being transferred and repeating the same information I finally get a guy who claims he can fix the order and get it to me over night.  I hold for another 45min when he transfers me to the wrong department who cant transfer me back so I have to call and start over again. 

I keep calm and spend another 2 hours with a guy claiming he wont this issue go unresolved and that I needed not worry. I am on hold for another 30-45min and he comes back with a female agent who tells me the order auto canceled. I said no i was told it wouldn't do that. she said well i cant find the order on your account so its canceled. I explain that it never linked to the account so she needed to use the order number and location number i gave her she then lied and said yeah its been canceled.

I get home and check the order and sure enough its not canceled. So I try to call and start over again. the first person I get on the phone I explain the situation in a calm and passive ton and say that due to what I have already gone through I would like to speak with a supervisor or someone who can help me get my money back. He just hung up on me and when I try to call back the system says we can not connect you which it has never said before.

This has been the signal worst experience I have had with any customer service in my life. When I placed the order I was notified within mins via text from my credit card company that the charge had been made. it should be just as fast to cancel the order. I should not have to spend hours on the phone answering the same questions over and over while being transferred over and over.

At this point you have basically stole my money  due to this error and the inability for anyone you employee to fix the situation. I was told that it will stay in limbo indefinitely unless i cancel it. to say I'm angry is not even close to the contempt I feel for Verizon atm. 800 is a lot of money to me and you have taken it and placed numerous levels of deterrence in the way of me resolving and issue caused by your system, its 2022, i mean seriously 

Re: Order stuck in processing. and cant get the order canceled.
Customer Support

Hello, Polarbare. Let's help you resolve this order issue. We are sending you a Private Note to assist you further. 


Re: Order stuck in processing. and cant get the order canceled.

If your prepaid and have the same issue good luck getting any real help as you are not considered a standard customer and only able to request help through the lower end customer service. they replied, wasted more of my time and tell me since I'm prepaid they cant help me get money back for an item they have not and can not ship. I'm filing a complaint with the fcc and disputing the charge with my credit card company. You system has a problem that you have known about for years and not fixed. You know the my Verizon app can lead to this issue yet you still have to active and no way to fix or cancel my order this has to be illegal. $757 paid and charged to my card within seconds of checking out but the only way to cancel is spend hours on the phone with 75% of the people being completely incompetent or quick to tell you what you want to hear end the call knowing they lied and the issue is not fixed