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Ordering Process & Identity Verification - Big Problems!

I hope this is resolved now, but Verizon, you make it VERY hard to do business with you! 😠
I sincerely hope your team leaders and managers see some of these messages.

I have a business account but decided to order a new phone under a new personal account, because, after two years of trying, it's apparently not possible to set up AutoPay for a business account (and if it is possible, at least 15 different representatives didn't know how to solve the problem).

🚨So... Problem #1: Fix the issues with AutoPay on business accounts! 

Ordering online says it requires a 'soft' credit pull. My credit is locked, and I didn't think a soft credit pull would require unlocking, but it did in this case (most don't). After unlocking, I called the number on the screen, and the representative confirmed that the order was approved for several thousand $$'s of credit. That's interesting because I wasn't applying for credit. I was paying for the phone in full.

🚨 So... Problem #2: There should be a message in the ordering process to prompt the customer to unlock their Experian credit report before proceeding. Further, be clear about the reason for the credit check. Is it for ID verification or financing? And why run through financing approval for customers who are paying upfront?

About 6 hours after ordering, I received an email saying that documents were needed to verify my identity. (Oh great, I thought.) It took SEVEN tries to capture a copy of my driver's license that the system would accept - and I'm an experienced photographer! Lightning was fine. The alignment was fine. It was at this point that I was thinking I'd just let the order cancel.

🚨So... Problem #3: The ID verification process of capturing a photo is clunky or buggy.

After verifying my identity, I tried to check the order status again. This time, it required me to enter a phone number to receive a verification code. I did that, but had to do it twice. I saw a screen that said I was verified, and the order was still in process. Shortly after, I receive an email saying that my "Credit is Approved." That's interesting because my credit was already approved the day before.

That caused me to wonder, was this a continuation of a credit check? Or for ID verification? Again, unclear.

So, I checked the order status screen again, and it said "Maximum attempts tried for the order status." Say what? Tried again. Same message.

What legitimate reason is there to prevent a customer from checking their order status? If I want to check my order status 5 times, or 5,000 times, let me. This is inexcusable.

So, I was forced to open-up a chat (which took some effort to figure out how to do that), and after a few more minutes, the agent confirmed the order was moving forward, and that I would receive an email with a tracking number when the order was shipped.

But I still have no idea WHEN the order will ship. 
The BIG problem with so much of the above is that customers are shown 2-day shipping on the website. Does this mean the order will be shipped within 2 days, that it will be received in 2-days, or is it a total of 4 days? This still isn't clear.

The primary reason I chose to order when I did, was because the website led me to believe that I would receive the order within 2 business days. There was nothing that warned me in advance that I might have to go through any of the steps above.

🚨So... Problem #4: Be transparent with the customer BEFORE they order, letting them know that there could be some delays that prevent receiving the order within 2-days. And if it's really to be shipped within 2 days, then SAY THAT upfront. Otherwise, you're just enticing people to order under false pretense. Sure, it's a competitive business, but don't mislead people.

I understand the reasons for identity verification. HOWEVER, not only did I have to unlock my credit report (which should have verified my identity too), but my credit report contains the address the phone is being shipped to, and the credit card I used also matches the shipping address.

Bottom line... Verizon already had PLENTY of information with which to verify my identity. Ordering from Verizon was a hassle. If I have further issues, then I'll be canceling, and going to AT&T, which is saying a lot, because I try to avoid doing business with AT&T.

Like so many other massive companies (including AT&T), you have systems in place that make it difficult to do business with you and that lead to unnecessary calls and chats with service reps. This frustrates your customers, harms your reputation, and wastes untold sums of money - which ultimately costs your customers more money.

Even trying to verify my account in order to join this forum was a royal pain! So many texts, and verification screens that didn't work. Unbelievable.

Verizon, you can do MUCH better. 👍
Think more about the customer experience. 🙏
Do some focus groups.
Or, simply try to use the website on your own! ❇️
Preventing these issues isn't complicated.

Re: Ordering Process & Identity Verification - Big Problems!
Customer Support

TX-TG5003, thank you so much for reaching out to us today with your feedback and concern. We do want you to always have a positive experience when working with Verizon Wireless. We do have account verification and checks to make sure that we do everything we can to prevent fraud on anyone's account. We would not be able to provide many details about business accounts as we don't have access to business accounts on social media. I was able to locate the details on our website about setting up auto-pay with a business account As for the order for the personal account that you place, has that been going through? When was the order placed?  -Kevin

Re: Ordering Process & Identity Verification - Big Problems!

@vzw_customer_support - Kevin,

Yes, as far as I know, the order is in process. It was placed yesterday.
However, it's not possible for me to check my order status, due to the mysterious "Maximum Attempts Tried for the Order Status" issue.  Obviously, that won't be resolved in this message exchange. So, hopefully, someone will escalate this and try to resolve for future customers/orders, because it doesn't make sense to not allow customers to check their order status.

As to the fraud check... I understand the reasoning. But, there were issues. I won't rehash the experience I already outlined above.

For the business account... yes, there's definitely the option to setup AutoPay for business accounts. But, it simply doesn't work. And in 2+ years, no one at Verizon has been able to figure out why - whether thru chat, phone calls, or in-person at the store. It just doesn't work. So, we have to pay manually each month. We hoped the recent business website upgrade would have fixed it. It did not.

Re: Ordering Process & Identity Verification - Big Problems!
Customer Support



I can certainly understand why you would be frustrated, and I am truly sorry for all the system issues you have experienced. If your order was placed yesterday, I am confident that it is on the way. If you would like help tracking your order, please let us know and we can reach out to you to gather the details needed to check the status. 


In regards to the auto pay for business accounts, we know how important it is to be able to set up auto pay, so you don't have to worry about the monthly bill. For that situation, I would encourage you to reach out to our Business Support Team at 800-922-0204. They are available weekdays from 8 AM - 8 PM Eastern time, and can work with you to troubleshoot the auto pay and get it working. 



Re: Ordering Process & Identity Verification - Big Problems!

@vzw_customer_support - Michelle,

Obviously, it would be better for customers and Verizon to allow customers the ability to check their order status at any time online. Note, that the email says "Check your Order Status Anytime" - but the page doesn't work after 3 or 4 checks.

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 8.24.56 AM.png

So, hopefully, someone who has a connection with the web logistics team (or whatever it's called at Verizon) will investigate why some customers receive the "Maximum Order Status Attempts" message (I'm not the only one).

As of now, I have no idea when the order will ship, or when I might expect to receive it.

Re: Ordering Process & Identity Verification - Big Problems!
Customer Support

TX-TG5053, we apologize for any inconvenience with not being able to receive an update for you order after all this time, but we want to help lift up your feedback to have the link corrected. Can you tell me if you're attempting to click the link from a webs browser on a desktop computer or from your mobile device? Also, what happens when you try clicking the following link?: