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My wife and I have been with Verizon since 1995. It is the ONLY carrier we have ever used.

Verizon has charged us an extra $260 per month since August, 2019 for international service. We did not notice this additional charge because our account is on autopay. We noticed it on April 3rd while going over last year's expenses while preparing our taxes. We called Verizon and asked them to remove it and to refund all of those additional charges. We were told it would be done and our next billing period started the next day.

It was never removed or corrected or refunded and they took the extra $260 plus another $40 today in addition to our normal bill!

I called today and spoke to a manager and he could see by service use and also location data that we have not been out of the country between Aug 2019 and now. He said the maximum he could refund is 90 days or $780 and it was my responsibility to notice the wrongful billing sooner!!

I said that's like a bank robber stealing money every month and when finally getting caught, saying it's your fault you didn't catch me sooner so I'll only give back $780 of what I stole!!

They credited my account the $780 and it says it will be applied to future billings! Not refunded to me in a check! So I have to stay with these thieves for months longer until I use that credit!

They owe me an additional $1560.00

How do I get my money back from these crooks?

Re: Overcharged

It is the customer's responsibility to review their bills every month to ensure they are being charged correctly. 


Also this question should have been posted in the My Verizon section of the community forum instead of Suggestions section which is intended for topics related to how to use the community or requests on how to improve the community. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.