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PAC Donations

I was disappointed to see that " The company [Verizon] said its PAC will suspend contributions to lawmakers who voted against the election results."  (

2020 was a difficult year for our country and 2021 looks to be shaping up much the same way.  I'm certainly NO Trump lover, but I do take issues with your stance.  I'm curious - there hasn't been a republican victory for president since 2000 that hasn't seen a democrat voting against certification.  Which of those lawmakers did you formally come out against? 
2020 and Covid saw states bypassing their legislatures to change the election process.  Many in congress felt that needed to be addressed.  I can't disagree with them.  Wanting that FOR OUR COUNTRY isn't a vote for insurrection and anarchy.
I abhor violence, regardless if it's storming the capital or otherwise.  And I truly resent corporations trying to muzzle our political leaders.  Our republic is strong enough to handle dissention of opinion.  At the end of the day, Biden was confirmed and Verizon made a "Politically Correct" move that is disenfranchising people like me.
Do I believe that voter fraud took place? Yes.  
Enough to overturn the election? No.  
But do I think it's Verizon's place to influence legislators? Resoundingly, NO.  
Want to get out of politics altogether? Great!  
In my opinion, whether we are republican or democrat, we should all want election integrity and transparency, and I don't want my cell provider working to hinder that end.
For decades, I've looked to Verizon for great cell service--PERIOD.  I hope you reconsider your stance.
Re: PAC Donations
Sr. Member

Completely agree with you

Think it's obvious who the media and the  tech companies favor and protect not just a coincidence that several of bidens inner circle now include tech people from various companies