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PAID off my device(s) but I still owe money.


So back in December (2021), I upgraded from an iPhone 12 (PM) to an iPhone 13 (PM). Anyway I paid around $685 (for what I assume was my balance owed on the 12). Traded that IN and paid the remaining balance on the 13 (when I upgraded)… Which according to Verizon was around $780.00. 

I have 3 payments 2 for $685 and 1 for $1300.00. (I paid off 2 devices)… so Why in TF does my phone still say I owe $322.00 on it?!!!! They’re trying to tell me the $785 was a “down payment”, but what about the value of my (12) trade in? I should owe NO money at all. The way they’re trying to explain it and cop-put of it MAKES NO SENSE. If I paid $785 “balance” on the phone it would stand to reason I got at least $462 on my 12 trade in (probably more). So the 13 should be COMPLETELY paid off. I can’t trade it in, until it’s paid off, and I’m not forking over another $322.00 (that I ALREADY paid). 

TIA (pretty PO’d customer). 

PS I am part of their annual “Apple for life” upgrade plan, but I just want to know where my $3100.00 went.