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I would just like to address the extremely poor customer service received as a new customer. I physically went to a Verizon store in my neighborhood on October 3rd with a friend to transfer my phone line from a different carrier, hoping to secure a connection service that does not drop your calls.

Due to Covid I was asked to wait in my car until called. I waited patiently for about 15 minutes. Once inside the store the Verizon Employee proceeded to transfer my line to the Samsung Note 20 ultra 5G that I selected. 5 Hours later as I waited on her going back and forth to the door to register other clients, she informed me that I would need to transfer my data from the old phone myself due to my phone being blocked and she could not get on the WiFi. She had transferred my office email after my long persistence for her to get it done. I am not a savvy Verizon technician after all! Some other data was also transferred.

She then wrote some information for me to contact Samsung Smart Switch  and to call 611 for assistance when I got home. With me now sitting in a closed for the evening store, I was unable to follow through with contacting 611 or Samsung Switch. 

Fast forward....been trying to call 611 from Ocober 4th to today. Phone kept insisting my PIN was incorrect...even though I had it on the paperwork transcribed by said Verizon employee on the paperwork given. With me being unable to reach anyone I needed to now carve out time apart from the 5 hours lost just to purchase the phone.

I asked for the senior 55 plan and was told I could not get same because i did not qualify? Well when last I looked at my drivers license and she got a copy...I will be 58 this year!!! She then told me to pay the first billing cycle and to call customer service the change to senior plan! Well, let me reiterate...unable to connect with anyone...due to PIN issue. I paid $90+ to get the phone in hand and then was told my next payment would be on November 3rd.

A few days after me trying to get to the illusive customer service by phone...I received a text informing me that I was to pay my first bill not on November 3rd..but was due on October 25th!!!! (not $149 as informed in store, but $220!!!) With all attempts and even asking a friend to check if I was following the correct prompts...I sat at my desk today at work listening to Verizin music for about 10-15 minutes before getting a live person in Customer Service. The inexplicably poor service continued. She apologized for he colleague and when I informed of all the problems and incorrect bill and incorrect due date.. she said she could transfer me to Finance. I asked about the senior plan and the response was..."who told you about that!" Well, did not know it was a secret. She then told me it is only offered to some, through Verizon! Now help me with this...again I am 57..soon to be 58!

Ms. Customer Service then suggested I speak with the Manager on duty at the store. Then asked me which store was it. I informed her of Store and number. Wanted to put me on hold to call the store. Told her no need I would call. Big mistake!! Got the run around once I dialed the number. Staff is busy with other customers and I need to make an appointment.  Then there were no options to make one!! So I work directly across the street from the store, so drove over. To my surprise,  I arrived to a client free store with 4 employees sitting at ther desks!! I waited outside at the door to attempt to make my appointment. I asked for the Manager, was asked what was it about before he was called.

The saga continued.  I was met by a Male who didn't introduce himself and wanted to know what i needed. I in return asked for his name before introducing myself and proceeded with informing him of my dissatisfaction with the service and lack thereof. No apology given..asked me what did I want to do. On that note...I said would like to return the phone. I was told will cost me $50 restocking fee plus cost of use of phone from October 3 to today. I asked what of my $90 paid and the $220 bill due. Was informed all would be prorated and placed against my $90 paid.

I was ready to turn in the phone right there and then. Was asked for the box by another employee who was told to handle the return. The "Manager" just walked back to his office, total disregard and again no form of apology. The young man that took over was very courteous.  The only person this far in this whole ordeal with some level of customer service. I now have yet another appointment to return this phone with the box.

I feel I should have been given a full refund. I will be returning to my previous carrier. Yes calls may drop from time to time, but when I call customer service, I get a live person on the other end of the line who truly go above and beyond to assist. Thank you Verizon for this regrettable ordeal. I am asking for you to address the way your team treats customers. You never get a second chance to make a great impression. My money will be spent elsewhere. This has been the most unbelievable experience and yes loss of my time and loss of my money.

Never have i been treated with such disregard as a customer. I had expected 



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Stores are awful places where all the reps know is dirty commission money and offloading any personal responsibility to Customer Care.

Our account has the 55+ plan, but only because we've been with Verizon for 10+ years and even then it was a random offer that popped up 2 years ago. This isn't a plan people can just ask for. The store rep who was insistent on that should be fired. Who knows how many customers they sent to call CS and how many reps got bad surveys because of it.