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POP-UP Ads when texting but that is not the only problem !! IT IS PORN

I am getting very annoying and pornographic pop up ads that I cannot shut off  until their clock counts down. Another line like my home screen white bottom line appear and says at the top of the white portion something like "Hit Here For Full Screen" I do remember Goggle Play popping up after the ads sometimes.  I am not sure how it is all working as I am not even signed into Google on this phone as it keeps asking me to verify the last users password.  

I started yesterday and they are for a porn site I have young children in my home and the person on the video takes their clothes off and end  naked and you cant shut it off.   This phone has only been used for 5 days.  I have not downloaded one app.  I have actually deleted several. 

I have turned it off and on that does not help. I have attempted to look for a rogue app and did not see any    

I want to know how  and where to find the app that is allowing this.  I must be buried somewhere as it is not in my icons and as stated I have not downloaded any apps at all.  So it appears that maybe your system is somehow hacked as I see several VZ customers here with the same issue posting recently. 

My real questions are this 

1. If I delete Google Play will it go away?? But return if I re-install it

2. Does this in any way affect my SIM card as I will be taking it out to put it in a new phone in a couple of days and dont want to drag this garbage along with it. 

Re: POP-UP Ads when texting but that is not the only problem !! IT IS PORN
Customer Support

KAB168  We understand how important this is for you, and I'm genuinely sorry to hear about the problems you're experiencing. It is hard to determine which App can be causing the Pop-Ups. We will need to possibly uninstall apps that have been on your device since the problem started.  I would also recommend deleting your browsing history because every Ad that opens up typically stays in the internet browsing history. What's the Make/Model of your phone?