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Phone Activation Issue - Gravely Dissatisfied

Timeline of events

3/4/22 – visited Verizon store to upgrade iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 for lines ending in 8*** and 6***.  Visit was nearly 4 hours long because in-store representative could not get Apple watch (line ending in 4***) paired to new iPhone (line ending in 6***). After multiple changes to the account and several SIM card switches, we left with phone activated and watch paired.

3/15/22 – service upgraded to Do More Save More. Immediately following this change, the line ending in 6*** became deactivated. Spent 2.5 hours chatting with 5 different IT reps – none could resolve the issue.  Rep # 5 submitted a Tier 2 tech support ticket and assured us that phone service would be restored within 24 hours.  Also, contacted in store rep, got voicemail and requested a call back.  No call back received.

3/16/2022 – Contacted in store rep again. 14-minute conversation. He was unable to assist and advised us to call customer service.

Contacted customer service (*611) – 24-minute conversation with rep Ashley. After 24 minutes, call got disconnected.

Ashley called back – 45-minute conversation. Was advised that Tier 2 ticket was being worked on and we should have service by 6 PM. If no service at 6 PM, we were advised that we could call back and escalate the ticket.

3/17/22 – Contacted customer service (Tech Support 866-221-4096). On hold 12-minute waiting for representative and was hung up on.

Contacted customer service again (Tech Support 866-221-4096) – 47-minute conversation with Mia.  Most of this time was spent on hold. We were advised that whatever was stuck in your system had been cleared and now we just needed to wait 15 minutes to 3 hours for activation. 

After waiting more than 6 hours, contacted customer service again (Tech Support 866-221-4096). 60-minute conversation with another Ashley. We were advised that Mia lied to us, nothing had been cleared and all she did was escalate the ticket. Also advised that our issue could not resolved until another activation issue you were experiencing was cleared at 6 PM. We were promised a return phone call by 7 PM. No call ever came.

3/18/22 – contacted customer service (Tech Support 866-221-4096) – 33-minute conversation with Archie.  Archie was not able to assist, provided us with a reference number and advised that we needed to visit a Version store for a new SIM card or new device.

After losing 10 hours of our lives that we will never get back, being without a working device for nearly 4 days and now being asked to take additional steps ourselves to resolve an issue that has nothing to do with us, we can honestly say that we have never been more gravely dissatisfied with a company.  With all due respect, Verizon needs to be reminded that consumers have a choice of where to spend their money and who to do business with.  The secret to strong customer retention is addressing issues like ours and doing whatever is necessary to make sure they never happen to another customer.

Re: Phone Activation Issue - Gravely Dissatisfied
Customer Support

We always value customers who are keen to give us their feedback. I will be sure to pass on what you have told me to our Managerial Team about your experience.