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Phone Line ”Upgrade Eligible” but they want full price for phone!

So, I have a line that the phone has been PAID OFF, and it has been for a FEW MONTHS NOW.  My account shows that the “line is eligible for an upgrade”, but when I go to upgrade that line (and an eligible tablet line at the same time) the system says I have to pay $1400+ to do it, which is the FULL PRICE of the phone I want.  When I called and asked about this, I was advised I had an account “device limit” amount of $4,000.  Apparently, according to 2 different people (both of which hung up on me), even though you PAY THE PHONE OFF, the amount of that phone STILL GOES AGAINST THE ACCOUNT DEVICE LIMIT which prompts you to PAY FULL PRICE for the phone!  Verizon apparently doesn’t “reset” the device line limit or anything when the device is paid in full.  One of them actually said it works like a credit card and you have a limit, then when I said, “So, once the phone is paid off the credit limit is restored to the full amount again, right?”  And he said NO ALL DEVICES THAT HAVE EVER BEEN ON YOUR ACCOUNT COUNTS AGAINST THE ACCOUNT DEVICE LIMIT and even if ALL the lines on the account were paid off, and once I hit that limit, I will NEVER be able to upgrade any other device on my account AGAIN!  What the heck?!?!?  I get stuck with a phone I hate, that doesn’t work right, they want me to pay a deductible when the phone is clearly not working due to defects not user issues, and then tell you that if you want to upgrade you have to pay for the phone outright?!?!?!  HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK AS AN UPGRADE?!?!?!?!

Re: Phone Line ”Upgrade Eligible” but they want full price for phone!


Their website never works. It's trash.

And the chat support can only do whatever the website can, so they're equally useless.

The best solution is to call and wait on hold for hours and hours.

Expect the most simple of tasks to take days of frustration. Verizon is simply incapable. They are worse than comcast in so many ways.

I highly recommend TMobile instead.