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Phone Stolen/Missing During Transit and Poor Customer Service

The phone I have been using on my account for the last 2+ years inexplicably died yesterday, so I immediately went online to place a new order because my teenage son was driving my car so I could not get to a store. I tried ordering with a rep through chat to make sure everything was done correctly, but eventually gave up on that and placed the order myself online. I paid extra for expedited shipping because I work from home and cannot be without a phone. 

In addition to the phone I ordered a charging plate accessory. I received a package today which I did not sign for (left on my porch) and when I retrieved it immediately after it was left, I found that the charging plate was included in the box but there was nothing else. No phone. 

I immediately reached out to Verizon for resolution as my assumption was that they had a picking error when packaging the order and my phone would need to be reshipped. During the discussion, they asked if there was any damage to the box and I noticed a discreet tape line where the bottom of the box had been retaped.

I have been trying to communicate with Verizon customer support for HOURS regarding this issue through their online chat, which is absolutely miserable. I can't call because my old phone is broken and I have no new phone yet. After talking with multiple CSR reps, explaining and re-explaining the issue, I was told that they would investigate and let me know when they are done. No ETA, no word on how long I will be phone-less, no options for alternative resolution. 

Finally, one rep told me I should receive an update... not a resolution, not a new phone, but an UPDATE... within 24-48 hours by email and text (which I obviously can't get texts because again... no working phone). And then from there, who knows. Maybe I'll get lucky and only be without a phone for a week. *eyeroll* I was also told I could call back for an update. Which would have made me laugh if I wasn't so filled with blind rage at that point.

I did not sign for this package nor was I given the opportunity by UPS to inspect the package upon delivery. By the time I picked the package up off my porch the driver was already in his truck and it was not readily apparent that the phone was missing just from holding the box since the charging plate was present and added weight. 

I don't know if this is Verizon's pick error or a liability on the part of UPS for allowing an item to be stolen during transit... and honestly, I don't really care. That is between Verizon and UPS to determine liability and has nothing to do with me. 

I want Verizon to reach out and make this situation right for me, their customer. I am not anticipating that they will do that given the ridiculous hoops I had to jump through today just to get the few answers I have. 

Caution to all who place their orders online. Verizon won't take care of you if something happens. Hope you don't need your phone too badly.

Re: Phone Stolen/Missing During Transit and Poor Customer Service
Customer Support

Hello, dwv1.

We are saddened to hear that this has been your experience. We would love a chance to review the order, and make sure that an inventory ticket was filed to be investigated and ultimately, resolved. We can also check on the status and escalate it to the next level if enough time has passed. Please reach out in a Private Note so that we may go over more account specific information with you.