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Phone bill does not reflect the payment I made for my new phone?????

I have been a customer of Verizon for over 20 years. I really hate that everything is done on this website. When you first talked me into making an account here a few years ago within a month my identity was stolen.  I never intended to ever purchase anything from this site, or make another account because of that. In all the years I have dealt with Verizon, it has been on the phone, and it has ALWAYS been a very pleasant experience. On May 22 I bought a new phone. Because of COVID I had to go through web site, though I should have went through APPLE and saved myself all this. Anyway, when I bought this phone it said PAY $59.45, there was no way to pay it, I figured that meant at time of pick up.  I did curb side but they choose to park a dumpster in the curbside pick up, so went inside. Even though this Verizon is the most vile place I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with, I had no choice we only have one Authorized Verizon dealer where I live.  After the gentleman  tossed my new phone at me from across the counter ( and yes he tossed a 600+ dollar phone at me bag and all!)I asked,  do I pay you the $59.45? He said we don't take money. Bye???? Just vile!  I felt like I stole the phone because the paper said to pay that amount, and I tried! I called Verizon, spoke to Gary, and asked him how do I make this payment, since when I call Verizon it doesn't say I owe it? He said well it will take 24 hours for it to show security reasons? Ok, Waited two days, called billing again, once again no charges, so when it said to enter an amount I entered 59.45 and paid it. Now I have an almost 200 bill, a credit on my account for the 59.45 and the trade, neither has been applied to this bill which I paid this to avoid the higher bill, was told it would be applied to this bill????

I do not understand why this was not subtracted from this bill, nor was the trade which is also sitting there? I have tried speaking to Verizon but no one is answering me.  If not for COVID I would have went into a store, bought the phone and they would have taken my money happily , but because I made the purchase online, they would not take my money? WHY? I just want that money taken off my bill, why can't anyone just tell me why they can not do what they themselves told me they would do the second time I called? I don't want to do everything on your website sorry, I want to speak to a real person and have the issue handled, also want e-mail confirmation, is it so hard? On July 6, when I got the bill I called and asked about this, she saw the money was there, she also told me she did not get why they did not take the money off the bill, she saw the trade, also that I paid the 59.45 but the bill does not reflect that, she told me to just pay the difference. I wish I could remember her name she was very nice.  I don't want to pay difference,  because  IMO Verizon will just say I still owe it and slide it to the next bill. If I had known my bill would be so high and the next one even higher which I do not get at all, I would have kept the phone I had. Worst experience ever! I have never had issue getting answers on phone or resolution but not getting that so here I am.  I am a true believer that your customers are the most important element of your business, and good customer service is a must.  I don't like being lied to, I went through all the steps when I bought this, no where anywhere was I told the bill would be so high, and should not be, not according to what I saw when I traded mine in. I will not handle this on this site, because I do not trust it never have since it was so easy for someone to walk off with my information, my name, address, debit card info what a nightmare to have to change everything, but get no sorry from the company you have been loyal to for over at that time 12 years, all I got was we closed the account. I would just like someone to tell me why they did not apply the one time charge of 59.45 when they have it, or why it does not reflect you did give the money for the trade, so why wasn't that subtracted???? Perhaps it is time for me to return the phone and seek service with a company that treats me as well as Verizon use to. 

Ursula White