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Plan increase and gift card
  • Why wasn’t people advised that your plans were going to increase (example from 45 per line plan to 80)? Never in our contract it states it was 80 it says 45 per line. Now it’s a increase 35 per line without a customers knowledge. There was no email, text, or phone call stating this. Also why would you turn in phones to trade in and your agents advised we will get a 200 VISA gift card to use anywhere and after waiting a month for said card it’s a gift card only for Verizon products and not a VISA gift card. Stop with the hidden fees and explain in detail  to your customers instead of just wanting a sale. Now we are stuck in a contract with this company paying something never agreed or on our contract we signed. The agent we went to is Verizon authorized 103 Apple Ave Ste 1 Dothan Al 36303. Agent is a heavy set male with tattoos that states he is a Samsung guy doesn’t know how to explain anything that will dart out when he spots customers he doesn’t like he did just that when a customer came in when we were looking at phones. The other two who work with him is a sweet lady blonde older lady. The other gentleman is a older guy. 7C6E9B7B-A33D-4095-BA02-30D2C1934CEB.jpeg

     this is what’s on our contract and below is two months later 

  • B55BC22D-236F-44C0-96AF-44D0B22D308C.jpeg

Re: Plan increase and gift card
Customer Support



Knowing how much a plan costs and what you can expect is always crucial. We never want you to have surprises when you get your bill. That's important.


Those plans actually haven't increased in price at all. They've been the same price since they were introduced. Despite that, both those images you have there are real and are correct. The price of those plans depends on how many lines of service you have with us. The first image you have, where the prices range from $35 to $55 is the price with four phone lines. The price at the bottom which ranges from $70 to $90 is for only one phone line. You can view both of these at by changing the number of lines you plan to have.