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Poor Customer Service and Long Wait Times

My daughter needed to replace her phone.  Because we are dealing with Covid-19 she made an appointment to go to the store which we thought would enable her to make her purchase in a safe manner.  When she arrived she found out they would not sell her the phone.  She had to purchase the phone online for instore pickup which is totally ridiculous.  She tried to complete the transaction in her car with me on the phone and we were having several problems.  She was finally able to get the store employee to help but the employee was rushing her to complete the transaction so she could go home as the store was closing.  If she would have helped her when she first got there she would have had an hour (plenty of time).  The phone is now being shipped to me in California when she lives in Oregon.  I have now been sitting on hold with sales to for 40 minutes (and still waiting) to get the transaction corrected.  I understand the need to be safe during these times but let's use some common sense and practice good customer service.  Between the time I have spent online trying to process the order and the wait for a sales person I've now waisted 2 hours.  My daughter wasted 1.5 hours trying to deal with this issue at the store. If store employees are not going to be allowed to help customers then you need to make sure staffing for phone calls is increased so customers are not left waiting.  I have been a Verizon customer for 25+ years but this really makes me reconsider my choice of carriers.


Re: Poor Customer Service and Long Wait Times
Sr. Member

Stores have their numbers accessible online, you should have called instead of assuming phone purchases work the way they did pre Covid-19. Dunno where stores being safer came from considering many corporate stores are still closed down.

Haha, no. Phone reps don't need to be garbage men for store mess ups. Customers need to depend less on reps and more on self serve to not have the lines clogged.


Re: Poor Customer Service and Long Wait Times

Understandable, Tigerstrep. However I don’t think you can talk to store representatives directly. If I recall correctly the store number also redirects you over to customer service, no?