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Poor Customer Service
To whomever this may concern,
I have been a loyal customer with Verizon for a long time. The issue began when I found out there was no mobile protection on my two devices. Then the incorrect insurance was applied to my devices two months ago, HOME PROTECT. There is no need for HOME PROTECT. A few days ago, 5/4/2022, a reached out for assistance through chat support. The agent that assisted me updated the insurance to MOBILE PROTECT and said I can file a claim at that moment. She even informed me to click on the link and try it. I did so and it didn't work. Asurion said my device was not covered. I informed the agent it wouldn't let me file a claim. She informed me to wait 24 hours to file. I waited a little bit longer just due to the fact she said that it needed time for the update to process on Verizon's end. Well I should have know better not to listen to her. I also work home remotely and should have caught on that she was giving me the run around to get me off the chat to avoid messing up her metrics. Anyways, I reached out today 5/7/22 and spoke to Katererina , she gave me the run around. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me that I need to contact Asurion. I told her that did not make any sense if she just told me to wait a month. There would be no point of me calling Asurion to handle the issue if all they would do is not be able to file the claim. She was not pleasant because she kept avoiding the question. She also told me that Asurion might be able to fix the issue and help me due to my situation. Anyone that has a brain knows that Asurion is not going to do that. Then she ended the chat unexpectedly, didn't solve anything. I have screenshots of the full conversation, but below i just attached a few were I was misinformed once again. After that an agent named Alex assisted me through chat, he was very nice but the situation was out of his control. He as well told me that I would be able to file a claim tomorrow, so I asked him again to be sure that I could do so and he said he was positive. I also had Shyem on the phone at the same time while being assisted with Alex. Shyem told me that I would be able to file a claim on the next billing date, 5/18/22. I will be filing on the 5/19/22. He also told me it would take a month to file sooooo all of your agents that I have spoken too have given me completely different answers. Someone needs to fix this today. My daughter needs her phone due to she has type one diabetes. It's unfortunate and disappointing that your staff is totally unorganized and don't have to proper training to handle calls. They didn't even have to decency to get me over to a supervisor, which I'm 100% positive they were talking to a supervisor and they told them there was no supervisor available. Do better, I work remotely.  I highly recommend that you put all your staff through another training so this won't happen to anyone else in the future. Please fix this or I will have to report this to someone above you that will.