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Poor customer service

I had the absolute worst customer service on 3/2/2022.

On 2/24/2022 I paid $547.06 which brought my account to $0.00. The payment arrangement that I previously had set up of $289.23 was fraudulently taken from my account on 2/25/2022. I say fraudulently taken because my bill was at a zero balance and this payment was still taken from my bank account I called THAT DAY and asked for the charge to be refunded. No refund was ever applied to my account and they kept telling me today (3/2/2022) that the refund was processed on the 25th but it "failed". Ironically though 2 HOURS later of getting transferred from dept to dept person to person someone was able to understand what I was saying and saw the error and "processed a refund". I was told I'd get email and text confirmation of this but have yet to receive anything. My bank statement stated the $289.23 has been debited, my account still says the payment was received but yet I was "refunded" the money on 2/25/2022. This payment should have NEVER come out of my account to begin with, I can not view my bill as of today 3/2/2022 of what my payment on March 20th should be. This entire experience has proven shady and all I got was excuses and blame placed on my bank stating they're the reason the payment was never refunded. And that if a refund was processed today I'd be behind yet again which is incorrect. I've been lied to, deceived, and made a fool of today and I'm livid. The absolute worst customer service experience I've ever had. Verizon should be ashamed of themselves. The second CSR placed me on mute several times for long periods of time and would not answer me until I finally said I have nothing but time and she should probably answer me. Then when I asked to speak to the supervisor I got nothing but attitude from both the csr and supervisor. This is unacceptable and never should have gotten this far. We will see if I ever get my refund or what happens with this experience but I have zero faith that this issue will be resolved in my favor. Shame on you Verizon. 

Re: Poor customer service
Customer Support


I do apologize that you have experienced this situation regarding the refund from the payments. And one that should not have been pulled. 


I see that you have been going through this situation way too long. Please accept my apologies for the treatment you mentioned that we received from the CSR and the Supervisor. This is is not the takeaway that we want for you to have. 


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