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Promotions that are offered at the time of an upgrade

About 4 months back I upgraded my 7 to an 11 iPhone and was offered a promotion of $350.00. Nothing was in writing unfortunately except for the promotions listed on the Verizon website at the time and phone customer service and actual Verizon store representative saying they applied it.  Never saw it deducted from my bill, called over 2 months ago, and was told, takes a few billing cycles so wait and call back if you do not see it. Still not seeing it and I called yesterday. I was on the phone for 2 hrs with a customer representative that gave me nothing but the run around. I had it on speaker so my husband heard it all and then told me I was gullible and he knew it was not going anywhere. Nothing relevant was said and the rep said he was looking and mumbling and at 1 point said he could either keep looking or could escalate and like a dummy I said go ahead and keep working on it, by this time, I had already spent an hour so didn't fathom it could be much longer. All awhile he is leading me on that he is getting closer to figuring it out. Finally, after it had been a 2 hr call he said it was late where he was and he would continue to work on it and call me back. He did me call back that day. He indicated he would be escalating it and that someone from his team would be in touch in 3-5 days.  You can see from my story that I am not sure I will get a call back so here are my questions.

  1. Does Verizon train people to give you the run around wear you down so you just give up your inquiry. I am not saying the rep was not nice and courteous; he was which I also wonder if that is not part of the ploy.
  2. Why is this even happening  and does Verizon honor what they tell you and what they have listed as promotions?