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Pulling my hair out with frustration

So I am a veteran that switched from ATT just over a year ago because of the veteran discounts. I brought over 5 lines and got new phones for those lines. Been paying on them every month for over a year. I decide to get a new apple watch for one of them. I log on and as Im looking around the chat pops up. I work with him for over an hour and he tells me that if I sign up today they have $100 discount on the watch. Great, lets do that.... 

He then tells me that my unlimited lines do not support the watch and that to get the watch to work they have to change my plan.... ok I want the watch so change it to whats needed. He changes the plans on all 5 lines and gives me the total for my plan with the new watch. I say ok, lets go ahead.

He then comes back and says I dont have the available financing to get the watch. I have paid off 12 months of 5 different phones, so Im not sure how that is possible, but I dont even fight that. I said, I will just pay cash for it then. Its still $100 off.

He comes back that the $100 off is only if I finance. Which I would do butthey wont let me do... He then tells me he is sorry and I can call sales. I call sales, very rude woman tells me there is nothing to be done....

Meanwhile the service to my lines has still been changed which I did only to get the stupid watch. Im not saying Im out on verizon at this point, but Im sure going to have to contemplate it.


Re: Pulling my hair out with frustration
Customer Support

I'm sorry to learn of the bad experience outlined in your post, mattlow. You are a valued customer and we don't want you to consider a move from our Verizon family.

I understand that you were not aware of the terms and conditions of the promotional discount for the watch that you wanted to purchase and your plan was changed, but you could not process the purchase with a promotional discount as your account is not eligible for additional financing. Please accept our most sincere apology.


While it is systematically impossible to change the financing eligibility, you can change your plan at your convenience as per this link (


You mentioned that you are a veteran. As a member of a military family and on a personal note, I would like to thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifices that you and your family have made in order to keep us safe and secure.