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Re: Corporate Complaints about customer service

I have been in the customer service industry for 28 yrs. and respect that at times there are challenges that require some custom options. After 14 yrs of being a Verizon customer, I spent 8 hrs online with the chat customer service (the system dropped my chat 3 times, after each 40min window went unanswered,  then i was handed off 5 times once I had a conversation started, told I didn't pay for a case--until I had to actually dig into the details of a OCT statement to show I did indeed pay for a case that was a customer service offer for my issues not getting service back in Oct. )

(background) I was signed up for a payment plan when i asked for just a simple replacement phone because I lost mine.  I was told I would pay higher in the early months and then receive a heavy credit in the later months to offset cost and to make sure I stayed with the plan.  Never looking to see a payment plan on my account to my surprise I find I could have bought 2 iphones on Amazon for the total cost of this payment program on Iphone 7 I was placed on.  Even the day i picked up the phone from the local retailer ( Oct 2019), that rep was trying to get me to cancel the online reps deal so he could sign me up there. I felt this was a bit unethical way to collect a commission and stayed the course.

During this long online endeavor on 3/3/20,  I requested second level supervisor to assist at least 3 times and no one introduced themselves as anything higher than a CSR.  I even stated I was expecting a call or email. The reply was, " no one here can do anything different. "  I said I guess I need to go to Sprint. The reply I then received was this: 

" we want to always do what is possible & there isn't anyone at Verizon Wireless that can customize a plan that is $60.00 a month for unlimited everything. The last thing we would want is to see you leave us after 14 years with us, as we do appreciate your business. We have offered what we can at this time. Please let us know what how you would like to proceed with the things we can do. - Alicia

That was my 3rd time saying I really will leave if you cant meet the sprint offer who is willing to buy me out of the Verizon payments. There are ways to credit a customers account even without a recognized promo to the public. If there is no way to do this, then customer service has become a call taker, not a problem solver. Sad actually.

I hold little hope that this forum direction will yield any different results, but for those of Verizon who are monitoring this--I will hold off just a little longer before changing.