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Re: How do I get a copy of a chat transcript?

Hi the last contract that I signed up for was confirmed in a chat conversation yesterday.  The representative indicated the total $147 as the included taxes and fees cost for my updated plan.  I REPEATEDLY asked for an email confirmation and they said it would be updated in 24 hours.  Well, the plan is saying $152 with taxes which is wrong.  Please review the last chat transcript and see the quoted price for services.   Lastly, I would like a copy of the transcript.  Thank you 🙂

Re: How do I get a copy of a chat transcript?
Customer Support

Hello there johnson0000verizon. We can certainly understand being concerned about your charges when it comes to the prices you were quoted during your initial chat with us. Making sure you receive the correct information is essential and we are here to help. Once the chat session has closed, we would be unable to send you a copy of the transcript if not selected before the window is closed. It could be a couple of things that would cause the $5.00 difference in price including taxes and fees. Which plan did you sign up for?


Re: How do I get a copy of a chat transcript?

I have the same problem I was supposed to get a discount on my upgraded phone my receipt did not show the discount and when I questioned it they said not to worry it will show up in the next two billing cycles.... Sure enough it did not show.... I have had multiple chats some people are aware of it and said they would resolve the problem other employees were not able to see my discount and didn't know what I was referring to. I am frustrated still trying to resolve and shame on me for accepting a receipt that does not reflect the agreed upon price!

Re: How do I get a copy of a chat transcript?

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