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Re: Verizon billing issue?

I am having a similar issue.  I spend well in excess of $690 per month for Verizon services.  A Verizon business specialist contacted us and encouraged us to transfer our numbers to a business account.  When we agreed to, the Verizon agent told us everything would be assumed, including the remaining bill for the then-existing personal account.  Well, it didn't get assumed, and despite the THOUSANDS I spend a year, Verizon put my former PERSONAL account on my credit report and refuses to assist with it. I spent 3 hours and 45 minutes on the phone and finally got to the "In House Recovery" Department only for them to say that I was "in collections" and I had to speak with IC Systems, Inc., their collections company.  I asked for a supervisor and then they said "yes" and then transferred me to IC Systems, Inc.  In speaking to IC Systems, Inc., they admitted that VERIZON puts it on your credit report, not the collections company.  That is how they circumvent having to remove it from your credit.  When I called Verizon back (same department) they disconnected me 4 times after getting the names of the individuals I spoke with and after telling them my situation.  They wore me down after 3 hours and 45 minutes, and today, a Saturday, I tried to call to confirm what is owed on the former account (and remember, they spoke to me and told me what it was, because I made a payment in March, 2020 that was incorrectly applied) and despite them listing Saturday hours as 8AM Eastern, I called at 10:00 AM Eastern, 10:21 AM Eastern and 10:42 AM Eastern, and it said "call during normal business hours...." which - as they say, is 8:00 AM I did.  Then, I figured, let's pay the bill online as they suggest.  When I put the account number in to pay, the amount listed was DIFFERENT that In House Recovery told me at was.  I then signed in and went to "Contact" and Verizon had a choice for "CHAT".  I hit that, and then....nothing.  It took me nowhere.  I then clicked "Call back" and it said I would get a call back in "estimated 9 minutes..."  It has been an hour.  Nothing.  They then had me sign into Facebook Messenger......I typed my was not even read, much less responded to. 

So, in sum, it is on my credit, which they ruined; The business department induced me to transfer from individual to business and I am now having a credit issue over it;  I cannot get anyone to give me a straight answer on what is owed; No one at Verizon works the hours listed on the website; and the online services either do not work or are outright, flagrantly inaccurate.  The only good part?  I am a commercial / consumer rights attorney.  I just wish there was someone at this company that could actually do something.  If you see this post, look at the response from Verizon below (or any of them).  It is generic and says, essentially, "try our excellent online communications...."  Well, did that.  They terrible.  Then they ask if we called the collections company or another Verizon rep.  Well, yes.  Did that....for 3 hours and 45 minutes.  Special thanks to Nisha, Lou, Tony, Laurie, Frislin, Mary, Samuel, Samaya (no, not her, she was the worst), Lindsay, Guadalupe, Melissa, another Melissa, Joan, David, and Bridget all who were unable to assist.  Some have IDs., some refused to give them.  Also, special thanks to the "Onshore Specialists" that are in the US who are the ones the "Offshore" people have to transfer to when I asked anything other than "can I make a payment..." Unfortunately, despite being a telephone company, the "Onshore Specialists" do not have phones that work as they continue to "lose the connection..." when I ask about these issues. 

To Verizon: This post is my last hope.  If you have someone who can help and who's stateside, understands English, has a phone that works and does not get disconnected, and who does not have to put me on hold every 30 seconds to ask a supervisor what day it is, please have them reach out.  I just want this resolved.

Re: Verizon billing issue?
Customer Support

wvinsko1, I'm so sorry for this entire experience with your billing, and now having an account in Collections. I know your time is valuable, and you've certainly spent a lot of time in trying to get this resolved already. If the account is already in Collections, our options may be minimal, but we can certainly try. 


I'm sending you a Private Message.