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Ready to drop Verizon after 5+ years

Rant incoming. I’ve been biting my tongue and being polite and calm with all of the agents I’ve spoken to over the last several weeks, but now I am so frustrated that I feel sick and I have to vent. 

I have been with Verizon since I was 18. I’m about to turn 24, and after all these years of being happy with Verizon, this last month has me ready to move to another carrier. 

I think this nightmare started when I got this account switched into my name this summer. It was originally not my name as the account owner but my mother’s (long story), so we finally got around to correcting that. I didn’t think it would be of much consequence. My number and phones had been on the account for years already, it was just a simple name swap. Or so I thought. 

As it turned out, doing this basically “reset” my account. Now they regard me as though I just joined, and my financial limit suffered because of it. Where in the past I was able to finance thousands (all of which I paid back), now I have hardly any credit to put towards an upgrade. But I didn’t know this until I got so far into the process of switching to a new phone that it was too late. 

I called Verizon MANY times in the last month to prepare for upgrading from the Xs Max to the 12 pro. I thought everything was ready to go. They told me during one of these calls that I had 1500 to finance on each of my lines—more than enough to cover the cost of the 12 pro—and I was content to do what I’ve always done where I pay the taxes and activation fee upfront and finance the rest. Never had any issues doing this in years past. Never suspected that this time would be so disastrous. 

It was recommended to me that I pay off the XS Max so I could trade it in for credit. I agreed, as I only had like 300 left to pay and would get about 450 for trading in. Trusting Verizon, I spent the ~300 and paid it off.

I waited for my paycheck and, doing a lot of shopping at Best Buy anyway, pre-ordered the phone with them. Paid the taxes, did everything I was supposed to, and was told I could pick it up Friday. Awesome! I backed up my phone and contacted my employer, who wiped my work data from my phone as per company mobile device policy. I was completely prepared to go in, give them my old phone, and walk out with my new one. Easy peasy. 

well, I got an email from Best Buy that they were struggling to transfer my service to the new phone. So I contacted Verizon, who quickly and easily stripped my XS Max of service and applied it to the new 12 pro. Once again, I thought things were good to go. 

I get to Best Buy and spend an hour alone waiting for the team there to get to me and to struggle through error after error of the system rejecting my upgrade. Until we arrive at the point where Verizon is demanding over 1000 dollars as a down payment. Best Buy says it’s out of their hands now. 

so I get on the phone and wait OVER AN HOUR for Verizon to answer. I’m sitting in this parking lot for hours now with my XS Max having absolutely no service (remember, they moved it to the 12 pro I never got) and clueless as to what’s going on. Verizon finally answers, and after almost another hour of back and forth and being put on hold, I’m told I will get an email in the morning about how they can help. 

email never comes. I call back, wait forever for a representative AGAIN, and find out after a lot more frustration and confusion that Verizon accidentally put in a device payment agreement for me by mistake which was eating up the already small credit line for my account. So they remove that, but I’m still left with a down payment of over 500 dollars. 

I have 3 lines on my account. 2 are paid off, and 1 was a free phone offer where it is “technically” financed but we don’t actually pay for it at all. 

I have been here for over 5 years and have always been friendly, patient and loyal. 

I spent 300 bucks to pay off my phone ON VERIZON’s SUGGESTION and made it impossible to do anything work related from my device, because they led me to believe I would get the upgrade I already paid the taxes and activation fees for. My company’s policy is that I cannot re-enroll with the same device. I now NEED a new phone to work from one again. 

I have been on hold for hours. I have been passed around countless times. I have been given numbers that do not work just to get rid of me. I have to repeat myself to every agent I speak to because nobody cares enough to make notes or check them. It’s so clear that nobody at Verizon cares about me or all the trouble they have caused for me. I’m sick of playing nice for reps that don’t want to help. I’m tired of running around begging for assistance from Verizon and getting brick walls in return. 

I loved Verizon. I figured I’d stay with them forever, because they always gave me the impression of being helpful and friendly and valuing me as a customer. Now I just feel sick and tired, and I’m sure they are sick and tired of me as well. I am looking into switching carriers even as I write this.


I just wanted to upgrade my phone. 

Re: Ready to drop Verizon after 5+ years
Customer Support

I know too well the excitement of being able to upgrade to a new phone, zorzia97. We definitely value your 5+ years of service, and would regret to see you leave us over this experience. I know that an experience like this would sap the excitement away from myself, so let's see if I can help spark that excitement back.


As I understand, it sounds like there was a transfer of service along with attempting to do the upgrade to an account in your own name. I did want to first offer some insight, as any financial and credit decisions about the account prior to moving it in your name were based on your mothers credit score and history. From a credit history perspective, it is possible that there is more risk comparatively which can impact the device finance limit on an account. I'd like to get a fresh set of eyes on this as it seems like has been some conflicting information about the device finance limit on your account, and it sounds like you're still without a phone. Please reply to the private note that I have sent you.

Re: Ready to drop Verizon after 5+ years

I give up. You guys win. I’m so tired of this whole thing and I don’t want to do this anymore. I wont waste anyone else’s time.

Re: Ready to drop Verizon after 5+ years
Sr. Member

What's stopping you from getting the phone outside Verizon? Last two phones that were upgrades came from Amazon and Google respectively.

Having a Verizon account in your name doesn't really do anything to build your credit up. You'd be better signing up for a credit card that lets you do financing.

Re: Ready to drop Verizon after 5+ years

This post was 99% just for me to be able to get out my frustration, because I know it’s not the fault of any of the agents who I interacted with and I needed to vent so I wouldn’t snap at anyone. I’ll figure something out — it just felt nice to finally type out everything.