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Rebate trouble

Ok, I signed up for Verizon a while back and was promised 250 dollars per new line I switched over. I naively assumed that this would be a bill credit that would be automatically applied after a couple of months. Anyways, I honestly forgot about it until recently. I looked back through all my statements and did not see any credits. So, I looked through all my emails from Verizon and in one single line in one email buried under a pile of junk mail was a link to a rebate center.  And under that link was a little message saying that I had 30 days to submit the rebate. No other notices, no emails or texts. There was absolutely no effort to ensure that I took advantage of the promotion. I understand that it is partially on me for not reading the details of the promotion, but come on. 

So, my question is: has anyone else experienced this and has anyone had any luck getting the promotion after the expiration date? I tried customer service and was told there was nothing they would do. I'd be elated if I could even get the Verizon bill credit like I initially thought i was getting. I don't know if I have much of a case as far as small claims go or if it's worth the effort but any advice on that would be appreciated too.  Again, I understand thst should have read the details of the promotion more clearly. 

This promo was a big reason that I signed up for Verizon in the first place. I'm at the point where I'm ready to cancel my service and just pay off my balance when I can.  Other than this, I've been very satisfied with my service but this is beyond shady practices on Verizons part. They entice new customers with these big promotions and then give them a very limited time to redeem the promotion while providing only the bare minimum effort to notify anyone of how they work.  

I apologize for the rant but this is a significant amount of money we are talking about here. And there response is essentially, "you snooze you lose".