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Redux membership charge

I was just charged $39.95 for this same "membership" hidden in the receipt. After noticing and contacting Verizon, I was told to contact my local store (Sturgis, MI) and that they do not represent them. YET... Verizon is fine with their Logo/Trademark to be clearly visible and look identical to ANY Verizon store but is not willing to accept responsibility or take action against these stores. 

Re: Redux membership charge
Customer Support



I'm terribly sorry to see you had an unknown charge on your receipt. That's not okay, it is important to make sure you know what to expect when purchasing anything. Our stores should always be transparent.


We expect any stores that sell our service to operate with integrity and be up front about charges. I can submit feedback for you on this and I'm glad to do so. The reason we would recommend reaching out to the store in this case though is that only they can issue refunds or adjustments for things they charged because we don't own that location. The store in Sturgis is what we call an authorized retailer.


These stores are authorized to sell Verizon service and are part of our team, but they are independently owned so in some cases they do have their own policies, prices, services for sale, and things of that nature. There are rules they have to follow certainly, but they also have some freedoms about how they do many things as their own businesses. When you pay them for something like a bill, they forward that on to us. When you pay them for something they are selling directly though, it goes to them, they don't pay it to us. We don't offer any sort of Redux membership, that is something they would be selling so they would have kept the funds for it. Which means only they can refund it. 


These stores are required to identify themselves as authorized retailers. They do so either on the sign, or on their door, or something of that nature. I see this location in particular has a notice written right on their door that they are an authorized retailer of Verizon and not Verizon directly. Still though, they are our partners and we take this sort of thing seriously and will absolutely submit feedback.