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Rethink your Verizon Visa Rewards Program

Rethink your Verizon Visa Rewards Program…the Verizon Dollars cannot be used to upgrade your phone.  I jumped on Verizon Visa rewards program when it was established, my plan was to use the Verizon Dollars when it was time to upgrade my phone…it seems that is not possible.


On 19 July  I called Verizon to upgrade my Samsung S10+ to a Samsung S21 Ultra, there was a $800 trade in on my old phone and I had over $850 Verizon dollars that would more than cover the balance.  The Verizon Sales Rep told me that there was not a way for him to apply my Verizon dollars to this transaction.  After a discussion with sales Rep we decided to pay balance on my Verizon card and pay off with my Verizon dollars…this was Bad Advise, I discovered this is not possible.


On 20 July I called Verizon Customer Service when I was unable to use Verizon App to apply my Verizon Dollars to my Verizon Credit Card Bill to pay off balance of my new phone.  This call and follow-up transferred calls painted a picture of very confused Verizon team on what to do.  I was transferred to “Verizon up” Rep, and the “Credit Card Company” Rep and then back to Verizon Customer Service…all Service Reps told me they could not help and that Verizon dollars were only around for about 18 months and this issue is new to them.


On 20 July I finally got a Verizon Customer Service Supervisor who tried to push me off to “Verizon up” Rep and “Credit Card Company” Rep again.  I told her they all referred me back to Verizon Customer Service (her department).  She was baffled and told me she would research issue and call me back on 21 July at 10am…she never followed up /called back as she promised she would.


On 21 July when I realized that Verizon Customer Service Supervisor would not follow-up, I called Verizon Customer service again I asked agent to refer to notes in system and to transfer my call to a Supervisor…she delayed transfer for 30 mins as I had to explain events from 19 /20 July.  Finally, Agent set up a call Back with a Manager.

On 21 July the Verizon Manger called me back and told me that this research was required because this is a new process.  I offered two solutions; 1. Refund my  phone purchase to my Credit Card and use Verizon Dollars to pay for phone. 2. Take Verizon Dollars from my account and provide a credit to my Verizon bill.  She also said she would have to research this issue and call me back as it was a new one and she was unable to figure out how to apply Verizon dollars for phone upgrade.


On 22 July the Verizon Manager called back and communicated she was unable to apply my Verizon Dollars for the upgrade of my phone…she apologized and was very nice but that is not a solution.


Bottom Line; Verizon is advertising that Verizon Dollars can be used to upgrade devise…I spent several days and many hours and phone calls trying to get Verizon to honor this agreement with no Luck. 

Attention Verizon Management; This is either a training issue with your staff or an application issue…I was able to cash some dollars in for Walmart cards.  Walmart card is not why I signed up for Verizon Credit card and Verizon Dollars.



Re: Rethink your Verizon Visa Rewards Program