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Sale rep lied about plan rate

I just signed up for verizon a couple days ago. I've been with ATT for 17 years and decided I wanted to switch and check out the prices.


I made my purchase online with the assistance of a sales agent via chat. I wanted to validate my monthly costs and my employer discount. I didnt want to change from ATT if I would be getting  less of service or paying more monthly. To my surprise, I was told would be cheaper than what I have been paying with ATT after validating my employer discount, auto pay, paperless, etc.

I have now received my first bill. It has the activation fee on the bill. I started chat this morning, told they will credit me soon, great. just a hassle. I also asked why my bill was higher and not seeing my employer discount of 23% of my monthly bill, as the sales agent confirmed I would see this on my first bill before I signed up for service. Chatting with this new agent, they are now informing me I was informed of inaccurate information and they wish they could have helped me initially to tell me the correct information. 


I am now being told my discount does not apply to the plan I signed up for. I can change it in a couple months to a cheaper plan, which is not the service I want, to get close to the price I was initially told when I signed up and moved from ATT just a couple days ago. 


I apparently should be receiving a $500 gift card for bringing my own device and another $200 gift card for getting a "free" phone and switching from another provider. Not sure I can trust this or expect to ever receive these.


Would it be best if I just cancel my service I signed up, as I have 30 days? and go back to ATT where I wont be lied to and no fraud? Does this warrant a FCC Complaint? I have saved all my chat transcripts.

Re: Sale rep lied about plan rate
Customer Support

As a new and valued Verizon customer, your account concerns are always our top priority. Thank you for providing such detailed information. We certainly don't want you to regret joining the Verizon family.


We'd be more than glad to investigate your concerns. I know we can and will help you in any way we can.


Verizon takes protecting our customer’s personal and account information very seriously. Since we will need account-specific details from you, we’ve sent you  a Private Message on this topic:




-Robert C.

Re: Sale rep lied about plan rate

Seriously, go back to ATT if you haven’t already. VZW will just rip you off and act like they are doing you a favor. This is my experience as of late, and I’ve been with them for nearly 2 decades!

Re: Sale rep lied about plan rate
Customer Support

Hello UnvaluedCustomer77, we're concerned to learn about your experience as of late, and we'd love to help turn it around. We've sent you a private note to better assist.