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Scam, daughter asked to provide security code to caller claiming to be Verizon rep

My 22 year old daughter received a phone call last night from her own phone number. She answered it and was told it was a call from Verizon and to press "1." She at the same time received a text from Verizon with an authorization code for a "sign in request." The man on the phone  after she pressed one asked her for that code, She asked, "What is this about?" He said, "I will tell you after you give me the code." She said, "No, it says Verizon will never contact you for this code." He then hung up on her. She then received a SECOND "authorization code for sign in request." She is quite worried. But the Verizon family account is in my name, I don't even think she knows the password because I sm the one who deals with our family's cell phone service. What, if anything should I do? I've been keeping my eye on the Verizon account and everything -- including her phone -- and its usage seems normal. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Is someone trying to steal her phone number or get into the account?

Re: Scam, daughter asked to provide security code to caller claiming to be Verizon rep
Sr. Member

Yes, certainly a scammer/phishing attempt trying to get access to your account/personal info.  Text messages that are suspicious can be forwarded to SPAM (7726) for Verizon to investigate.  Whenever I get a phone call from a number similar to mine, I answer but don't say anything for 3-5 seconds.  Generally, the caller/autocaller will hang up if no immediate response but if they get an immediate response, a live person would come on.  A call from your own number should obviously be one to disregard/ignore.

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...