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Security Hold ?

Yes. My JV3 phone stopped accepting a charge from the charger that was included with phone. I still had 35.00 left on my payment plan for the phone, which I found upsetting in itself, being the phone failed before ending. Anyway, I called Verizon, and after a few calls, decided to pay off the balance on my phone and buy a new phone and start paying more for the new comparable phone, again upsetting. I went ahead ,and after emailing back and forth with the agent several times, and agreed to the terms and was told the transaction was complete and to check for a notification as I requested a friend, who I added to my account, pick it up at the Verizon store in Cortez, tomorrow. After checking my email later, I was notified by the Fraud branch that I was to contact them? I called and was asked to verify my identity. I gave the person my PIN number and they then said they would text me to verify. When I had first contacted Verizon at the beginning of the day, I was connected to a tech support, who I informed of the problem with my phone and explained that I had only limited power left on my phone. After hanging up , I only had 13% of power left. After purchasing the phone, I had only 3%. So, when it came time to verify via text it was not possible, for the phone, i have had less than two years, was out of power, unable to recharge. 

Verizon policy, I was told, states that one must, if not able to get text verification, must see a representative in person. This was extremely troublesome for me. I have a brain injury, for which I am scheduled to fly out for an appointment in 2 days, I am not able to drive, which is why I added a friend to my account to pick up the phone, which is perhaps where this hold occurred. I was not informed by the agent, Nikki, who carried out the upgrade, that by adding someone to the account would require a hold. I stressed my situation to all I spoke with and stressed the importance of picking up the phone at a retailer rather than having it delivered as I would be gone before it arrived. I spoke with a supervisor at the fraud center and after recounting my story, he said that was policy and there was nothing he could do. I have been a Verizon customer for many years and was very disappointed by his response. I had provided my personal security PIN, had had several conversations with Verizon throughout the day, had emailed back and forth. I asked if he could not email me for verification and he said that was not allowed? Very puzzling, I agreed to terms via email, paid my previous balance on the phone, as well as paying my bill, while I was waiting on hold. In addition, I, via email, paid the upgrade charge of 42.00. I found it difficult to believe there was no way for him to authorize the purchase. I asked if I took the newly added name off the account could the order be submitted? Time is critical. NO must see a representative. The whole experience occupied a good portion of the day, and I am still left hanging. Very disappointing that Verizon representative wasn't able to look at history of the day and come to a better solution. I will now have to go at 9am (when it opens) to Verizon store on the way to the airport where my flight departs at 10:40. Instead of having a smooth and stress free ride to the airport, which is very important to my health, I will now have to stop by the store and try to quickly make the transaction. Disappointed  

Re: Security Hold ?
Sr. Member

Getting a phone from Verizon has been more trouble than it's worth. If I were you, I'd purchase an unlocked phone from Amazon, pop in your existing sim card and deny Verizon the satisfaction.

My previous phone was purchased through Verizon back when you didn't have to pay an upgrade fee at all if you did device payment over a 2 year. My state also doesn't charge taxes up front so my order was 0. After "paying" with my PayPal, fraud holds it. Almost didn't even want the phone anymore.

Fast forward to current phone and it's one I got off Amazon. Never going to go the carrier phone route again.