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I am very frustrated.  I have been with Verizon for a long time.   And I seem t be getting nowhere.

On July 15th, I went to the store to upgrade my husband's phone. We had trouble with the Verizon app, so had to call and use Tele-sales. They placed an order (Order# 1215261) for the phone, and two accessories (case and car charger). The store refused to release the order, even though it said the order was picked up because the phone itself was not released in their system. My bank account was charged 126.80.

The transaction was shown as pending on July 15th. We spent 4 hours at the store waiting. When they closed I still could not take the phone home, because it did not release in the system. It said Payment not taken. I returned to the store when they opened at 10 am on the 16th. The transaction for telesales was to take advantage of the $300 online offer and to use my $155 device dollars so the amount for the phone could be reduced each month. The transaction still did not go through on their system by the time they opened. They called customer service, who could not seem to push the order through. They responded that they would cancel the order and completed a new order, this would apply the $300 online offer, but they could not apply my device dollars since it was now used. They would credit my account instead of the monthly savings I would have gotten by applying it to the device price. So I had a new order for the phone and accessories on the 16 (Order# 1101712). They charged my card 188.86 for this order. I have waited for the 3-5 business days. My bank account shows both transactions have posted. I have paid for both orders but only received one order.  I am working with chat to try and get the first order refunded.  But the amount of time (over 6 hours) I spent in the store for an upgrade, and the issues with the systems not working properly have me at a bit of a frustration.  The fact that my device dollars could not be applied to the device contract is very upsetting.  I spent well over a year accumulating those.  Having it applied to my bill is different.  The device dollars would have reduced my monthly bill over 24 months, and saved me more in the long run.  I would like to lodge a formal complaint, but do not know how to do so.  So I would like to ask if anyone has an email address that I could contact in order for them to look at a few things.  1. look at why the app was failing when I tried to create an upgrade order every time I tried to apply device dollars.  2. Look into why the telesales system failed to release the phone for my first order and showed 'Payment not taken' even though my account was fully charged. 3. find out when the order was canceled it did not cancel or refund my payment.

these are things that need to be addressed, not just for me, but for anyone else as these are system and process errors not just a one-time thing.