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Service disconnected AFTER receiving confirmation re: covid19 hardship

I clicked the link and followed steps to avoid service interruption and received the "confirmed, you dont have to do anything else." 

I was so relieved as my mom has COPD, is disabled and receives very little income. I had to quit my job in the medical field to care for her ft and also to not bring bring in the virus so money is tight.

Well, the relief was short lived as service was disconnected the next day. All calls keep going to financial services. No calls or texts go out but they come in occasionally. 

I used some of my last savings to pay the past due amount and service appeared to come back for a few hours. I did this at night and the next morning it was off again.

It's an emergency situation, my mom needs to order her meds so when her SSI came in today we paid remaining balance. It's been confirmed in the app that the payments have been made and bill page says "you're all good" but we STILL do not have service.

So, $700 later and we are still without ability to call out to order her meds. We will definitely be contacting the FCC, BBB, DCA and the family attorney and urge everyone else experiencing this to do the same. It is completely unacceptable. 

I have had a "data usage limited due to time of day or a data limit" icon that I cannot clear nor click. Our app says we have plenty of data but it has been on my phone since service was disconnected and we cannot reach anyone at verizon.

We are done with this disgraceful company and any employee responding with the generic apology can kindly go make love to a fence ought to be utterly ashamed of yourselves and the shameless swine that raised you.






Re: Service disconnected AFTER receiving confirmation re: covid19 hardship



Just spent 3/4 hours with tech coach and customer care getting transferred back and forth...passed around. Both stated that they could see everything paid and all 3 lines clear/active but that in order to get the automatic outgoing transfer to financial services removed I would have to speak to billing department and that they could not do anything, so I was put on hold again. Customer care agent returned and said she was trying to speed it through and I was told I had to deal with the "reconnection dept." Not sure if she meant billing department as previously informed. 

While the tech coach was cool/nice as well as the customer care agent, my problem is still not resolved.

I was told by tech coach to call customer care, customer care initiated transfer to "reconnection department" and placed me on hold.

After 30 min, customer care agent said she had to take her next call and patched me into the "hold" for the "reconnection department".

Tech coach stayed with me via chat which was nice to have SOME contact. 

After being on hold for 2 HOURS....2 HOURS LATER my call just dropped out of nowhere. 

Tech coach said I'd have better luck in AM as call volume is higher in afternoon. 

I paid past due yesterday, remaining balance in full at approx. 11am today. It is now approaching 5:30 so I've spent 6 hours, plus 2 hours last night trying to get service restored and 1.5 hours several days ago getting the USELESS covid 19 hardship confirmation and attempting to find confirmation of confirmation as I forgot to screen capture. 

9/10 hours over 3 days of getting the runaround, $700 including late/reconnection fees that should not have been demanded according to the Covid hardship and I STILL cannot order my moms NECESSARY MEDICATIONS.


Response is not desired unless respondent can fix this IMMEDIATELY. 


Re: Service disconnected AFTER receiving confirmation covid19 hardship
Customer Support

We are terribly sorry to read about the situation. We know this are difficult times, and we would love to help. Please reply to our private note to get started.