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Shameful Service

I’ve been burning inside ever since switching to Verizon in December of 21, it’s been one catastrophe after the other and I I don’t know how much more I can take from a Psychological standpoint. I’m going to get into specifics and I’ll try to go in order, but just most recently I was solicited by a Verizon Rep to take advantage of a way that she could lower my bill, now keep in mind this is unsolicited advice/guidance that this person was voluntarily, and without prompt offering me. What ended up happening is they did reduce my bill by canceling several services that I wanted, that I needed such as insurance for all of my devices. They canceled that without my consent so that they could add on a promo package that got them a bonus. Now this is appalling behavior, and it’s consistent with everything I know to be fraudulent, however, I talked to five different managers about this and all five of them said it wasn’t a big deal so long as they could fix it.

“we aren’t perfect”

 This is absolute insanity and I just, I try every single phone call to get them to pull the calls that I’m speaking about, but they all say they don’t have time to do it. What good is recording all phone calls Verizon if your managers are either too lazy or inept to listen to the phone call?

And that’s just the most recent example of a Verizon failure, I have so much more that I’m gonna be publishing over the next couple days that speaks to the sheer ridiculousness of the customer experience with Verizon. And I challenge anyone from Verizon to come up with recordings that contradict anything that I’m about to reveal to the public regarding this because your company is out of control when it comes to lack of care concern or empathy for the customer at all. I’ve had their reps curse at me, threaten my personal safety, and more often than not they just hang up because they don’t care. I am 100% dissatisfied with my experience and the services provided by Verizon Wireless


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