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Sky high bills now charging to have some help you PAY the bill?

I just have to vent and I'm sure this will somehow be removed. I am so disgusted with Verizon. I pay 10% of my salary to the family phones. It's so ridiculous. Today a final slap in the face. When I kept getting reminders to make my bill payment, I went to do so on my phone and it's telling me to enter this, enter that WHILE IM DRIVING. I finally get to the part where I can make a payment and it tells me it will be $8 for someone live to help me make the payment. why? This is just disgusting. I truly want to fake my death to get out of these contracts, it's horrible. Also my daughter was told she would get a $200 trade-in credit on a new iPhone. I did not see it off the cost of the iPhone. You know what they do? Take it off MONTHLY and it came out to like $8.00 off the line bill per month. What a joke! They don't take it off the cost of the new phone, they break it up into a million payments. Its a racket. It's disgraceful. Also, have you noticed the "real" people are now gone? The "Chat" is a useless bot and so it is when you call. Unless I guess you want to pay another $8 to talk to a Human. Anyone know how to get out of Verizon once and for all?

Re: Sky high bills now charging to have some help you PAY the bill?
Sr. Member

Why are you doing this..while driving..? Pull over and use the app. Takes less than 2 minutes and you don't get charged a fee. No one should be calling CS to make payments anyway. 

Other carriers also handle promotions this way, it's not a Verizon exclusive. From a business perspective, it doesn't make sense to give discounts up front over spreading it out over 24 months.

The fee is $7 btw and only if a rep takes a payment for you. Claiming you get charged just to talk is misinformation.