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Someone bought phones from my account

Two days ago, I got a message that said your phones were picked up. What? I checked my account on Verizon website, someone ordered 2 new phones (for upgrade) and already picked up in a day.

How is it possible? There are multiple gates to to that. Some knows my password. Then ordered. Then have my ID to pick up. How they can pick up phones without my ID. 

I contacted Verizon, and submitted fraud ticket. The agent that I contacted talked me it'll be resolved in 24 hours, but 2 days after I still have thousands dollars balance on my account.

It must be the fraud activity that was made by inside man. Hackers can know anybody's password, but I found the order made by minor account. I tried to order anything from that account, Verizon web site shows me account owner's permission required, which means it's impossible to order from the minor log in. Also, how they know where they pick up phones less than a few hours, which means they know pick-up available stores, and they picked them up without my ID, they may have any method for that. No, No.

Even 2 days after, I didn't get any notification, so I contacted agent again, he or she told me the reported was submitted, just wait. Wow. I have been a Verizon user for a long time. This is my first terrible experiences with Verizon but huge problems. 

The worst thing of that is there is no tracking system about claim, I just wait, and if I want to know status, I have to contact agent again, so ridiculous. 

I'm thinking switching provider after resolving this. They seem not to care customers when customers have trouble with them. They seem to care only about earning money from customers.