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Spending limit - what a joke!

I have been a loyal customer for 2.5 years with a bill that is almost $500 per month for 8 lines on Edge plus one line that has completed a 2-year contract. That means I have paid verizon between 12,000 and 15,000 dollars on time every time. I have an excellent credit rating, and now they tell me there is a spending limit.

They let me add 8 Edge lines to my plan. I called Verizon direct to see about upgrading, and they told me that me and my husband could both upgrade if we paid 98.88 per phone.

We did that, but now tell me I cannot upgrade because there is a "hard cap" of $4,000 spending limit on the Edge program (which they extended to $5,000 to sell me two additional lines in September, but it appears to be back down to $4,000 now that I want to upgrade). They had no problem taking my money for the "Edge Up" upgrade payment. One phone was upgraded just fine, but they now say I need to put down a $300 down payment on the second phone we want to upgrade. I have talked to multiple people at Verizon because it makes no sense. I am not adding another line. I am simply trying to trade phones of equal value. If I am going to do that, I will buy one outright for $300 and add it to my plan with no contract.

Where does it say that there is an equipment cap of $4,000, and how do they think you could every have 9 or 10 (max) phones with equipment prices less than $4,000? Shouldn't that limit be associated with the number of lines on the plan or the creditworthiness of the customer rather than a "hard cap"?

I think it is unfair practice to increase it to make the initial sale, but decrease it, so they do not have to fulfill their end of the contract. Also, if they have decreased my spending limit, they did it without notifying me, and they had no reason to do so.

I guess they do not want or need my $6,000 per year. Buyer beware on Edge. It is not what they say or advertise. I was a huge fan until I tried to actually use it.

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Re: Spending limit - what a joke!

Same problem for me. Verizon needs to get it together and be more courteous to their loyal customers. I am about ready to throw in the towel and find a different cell provider.

Re: Spending limit - what a joke!
Customer Support

We do appreciate your loyalty Jessewilliams562. I understand that sometimes we want to purchase a new device. I would love to see what options you have. I have sent you a private note. AmberF_VZW

Re: Spending limit - what a joke!

Same. Been loyalty to Verizon for like 4 years. I got two phones without a down payment twice. Last couple years ago, I got iPhone X $999 installment without a down payment. Right now, I'm having some issues with overheating and I needed a better photography quality. So I wanted to upgrade into iPhone 11 PRO. I was devastating when I found out that I have $400 account spending limit. They want me to down payment $400 with trade in $300 value of my iPhone X. Or $900 down payment with top notch baseline. I feel so devastating. Considering to leave Verizon because they aren't being courtage to me as their loyalty customer for 4 years. I felt so betrayed. They told me they can have some look into my account but I never have heard from them. My last attempt is filing the BBB complaint to see if I can bypass the spending limit. If they still refuse to release it, it would be time for me to say good bye. I love Verizon but so devastate they treat me horribly with so called spending limit.

Re: Spending limit - what a joke!
Sr. Member

The BBB can't help with that either 

Re: Spending limit - what a joke!

Who are you the jester for Verizon?


She wouldn’t be communicating with BBB to force Verizon to up her spending limit she would be communicating with them to explain that she believes Verizon’s made a material change to how they do business as far as upgrades are concerned and now as a tenured customer she can’t upgrade and she can cite that she believes these changes were made deceptively. 

Go ahead Sr. Member-tell me the answer because I worked for Verizon corporate for 5 years so you don’t have the credentials on a community support forum to tell me anything about Verizon or its credit check practices on upgrades. Bottom line is that between their now cruddy service and lowering everyone’s device financing limits their going to lose a lot of customers and potentially find themselves in a class action lawsuit.