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Still Looking for an Answer: Verizon Won't help, What are My Options?

I posted this story below about a month ago. Verizon Customer Service replied to me and stated that I needed to click on a link for them to help, and then didn't provide a link. I'm still furious about the fact that I was given an offer and that it has not been honored. What are my options?

The story I previously posted is below:

It’s been months of events that have landed me here so I thought that I would ask this community for help. About two years ago, I took over my mother’s Verizon account, as it made more sense to have everything consolidated on a family plan. She has had this line for decades and has been a customer in good standing the entire time. Back in December, I was sent a loyalty offer to upgrade her line to an iPhone Mini for $5/mo or to apply this to another phone. I decided to apply this to an iPhone 12 and had it sent to her as a Christmas gift, which should mean that the $579 is applied to my bill and I should be paying $8/mo. I currently live in New Mexico and due to the Pandemic thought this would make a good gift. Verizon sends the phone to her and she ships her iPhone 7 back to them. I know it sometimes takes a few months to get everything correct, but in April I call as I’m being charged about $24/mo for this phone.

I’m told that this should be a simple fix and figure that it will correct itself. In May, I’m still charged the $24 for this line and again call. This time I speak with a woman named Leticia who tells me that she’ll again submit and it should be fixed.

In June, I call again because it is still not fixed. I speak with another rep, who tells me that he will escalate this claim and that it should be resolved in about a week. At this point I figure that it would be fixed as I was assured that this remedy would work.

Come July, I’m still being charged $24/mo for this upgraded line. Again, I call only to discover that while this complaint was escalated on June 2, it was denied on June 3, as I was not signed up for the offer that was extended to me in December. I had attempted to upgrade the line via the website, but for some reason my credit card was unable to process and I called customer service to process this order. I thought I had signed up for the loyalty offer but it was not processed that way. I was told that because I accepted the phone and mailed back the other one that there is nothing more that can be done to remedy this problem, which to me sounds like Verizon telling me that they can’t be trusted. I was told I could put in a corporate complaint, but the rep would not show me specifically how to do this. In attempting to find this solution, I stumbled upon this message board. I thought this would be a place to look for a solution.

This line absolutely should have qualified for a customer loyalty offer. This line has been active and in good standing since Verizon was Bell Atlantic Mobile. I am not asking for anything more than what was offered to me and don’t think this is unreasonable. What are my solutions at this time? I still can’t find how to make a corporate complaint, but I did see people talk about small claims court as a solution. I looked into this and it’s $77 to file here in New Mexico. What other solutions do you have? At this time any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am beyond upset at the treatment I have received.

Re: Still Looking for an Answer: Verizon Won't help, What are My Options?

When an offer is specific such as listing the iPhone 12 Mini base model, never assume an upgraded model in the same family gets the same amount taken off. I've personally seen promos where that isn't the case.

The issue you described is a simple fix assuming everything was done correctly, qualifiers were met etc. Getting a denial means at least one qualifier wasn't met.

Besides, a base iPhone 12 is 799.99. If you're paying $24 a month, that's $576. You're paying $224 less than retail. That's definitely more than an iPhone 7 is worth.

Correction was probably denied because you're already getting a promotion for trade. Again, never assume just because the 12 Mini got X amount off that the same amount will be taken off the 12. I can almost guarantee if you went with the Mini as the offer specified, you'd have been paying that $5 a month.

Re: Still Looking for an Answer: Verizon Won't help, What are My Options?
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I apologize that you have encountered all of the above issues with the mobile device that was intended as a lovely gift for your mother. I can understand your desire to want a solution and a remedy to this matter, we can take a new look into this for you. So that we can review your concern in greater detail, please send us a private message to 


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