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Submitting a formal complaint to Verizon

My husband and I have decided to switch back to tmobile because let's face it, verizon is awful. We've only been in a contract with verizon for just over a year and have had nothing but problems. I am thrilled to leave verizon but still want to tell them that they need to learn how to treat customers better which is why I would like to know where I can actually submit a complaint. 

To start, I will back track to the beginning of this horrendous journey. October of 2019 we set up our accounts with 4 lines- 3 phones and 1 tablet. I was told if I transferred our existing numbers from our old service provider I would receive 2- $250 gift cards because "it saves Verizon the expense of having to reserve a new number." Well, months later that never came though. Of course, and no customer service rep could help. So basically I spent 4 hours in the store while the lady tried to figure out how to do her job when I could have just made verizon pay for the new numbers. After I got home with all my "new" devices I discovered that my tablet is a refurbished (i could tell because it was scratched on the front and back and there was dirt on the charging cable) so i went back in the next day to explain that i didnt pay $300 for a refurbished tablet. The lady told me the sale was final and could not be returned. For 8 months I contacted verizon to tell them I had constant issues with the tablet not working and randomly shutting down and they continued to tell me there was nothing they could do. Literally word for word. Not even one year in and the tablet completely stopped working (samsung galaxy tab A if anyone is curious).  Next, I set up my account with the highest insurance policy available to cover every device. The lady literally gave me a pamphlet that showed our phones and the cost to replace under each category. 3 months later my husbands screen cracked so I went back in (with the pamphlet) to have it replaced for the said $9. The wonderful (not) employee told me that they dont actually offer insurance in our area and I would need to pay $240 to replace the phone. I was getting charged $50 a month for an insurance plan that didnt even exist.  Moving forward, about 12 months into our plan I decided I wanted to add a new tablet to the line I had the previous samsung tab on for my kids. The lady on the phone told me I could add a new tablet to the line no problem. She went ahead and set up A WHOLE NEW LINE AND A RANDOM TABLET. I immediately told her that's not what I wanted but she told me I would have to contact another department to cancel the order. I did this within 5 minutes of the order being placed but they shipped it anyways. A month later they are still trying to charge me cancelation and restocking fees for the account line and tablet I did not want. During this time I also decided to upgrade my husbands phone which I did through their financing options. They sent the new phone but I got the delivery notice and the phone was not at my house. I contacted ups and verizon, would you like to know what Verizon told me? They said I would have to wait 7 days for them to decide how they want to settle it. I asked the representative to explain what that means at which point he said i would still be responsible for paying for the phone even if i didnt receive it because on their end it shows as delivered. Now, I understand the delivery mishap may not have been Verizon's fault but it is absolutely backwards that a customer should be held responsible when verizon has means to suspend the device anyways. I pay a lot of money for horrible customer service and lies. Very fortunately a nice person who did receive the phone brought me the package to my address. We are so happy to ditch this company. 

Re: Submitting a formal complaint to Verizon
Customer Support

We're heartbroken to hear of how your journey went with us. We always want all of our customers to have the utmost stellar experience with us. We want to gather more details about what happened so we will be sending a Private Note as well. 


Re: Submitting a formal complaint to Verizon
Sr. Member

They just ignore complaint