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Switching to Verizon - Worst Experience Ever

Hello, I'm posting here becuase apparently Verizon doesn't have a customer feedback email and I'm hoping someone will see this and pass it on so they can improve their switching experience for new customers. I recently switched from Visible to Verizon. This has been my worst experience switching cell phone service ever, and I’m very disappointed as one of the main reasons I switched was for better service and because I was under the impression that Verizon provides excellent customer service. I’ve spend at least 4 hours either on the phone or chatting in with Verizon and I am extremely frustrated. This is what happened. 

I attempted to make a purchase on your site for both my husband and myself and chose our plans. He wanted a free phone and I took advantage of your deal to receive an iPhone 12 128gb for $4.99 a month for 30 months when activating a new line on the Play More Plan. I ended up having to chat in because it would not let me enter our port information and I found out that Visible doesn’t let you port over multiple numbers at a time which meant I had to do buy my husbands phone first and then add my line later. Extremely inconvenient but if that’s all that happened I’d have been fine. I do find it surprising that Visible can’t do that considering Visible runs on Verizons networks. 

Anyways, later that afternoon, my husband lost service on his phone. After reaching out to Visible, they told him a new phone had been activated already with his number and so they had cancelled his service. Whoever I chatted with prematurely activated his phone that hadn’t even shipped yet so my husband had no cell phone for two days. This concerned me so I reached out via chat again before I added my line and ordered my phone as I cannot go without a phone because of work and the phone I wanted to order was backordered for two weeks. The customer service rep I chatted with was very helpful and processed my port and order for me. It took over an hour to get everything set but I had my order placed. This is when the nightmare really started. 

I was supposed to receive my phone last night. I was excited as it wasn’t supposed to ship originally til the 12th. I got home, checked the tracking and saw that it wasn’t deliverable because no apartment number was given. I checked my chat transcript and I DID provide my apt number so the agent I chatted with just neglected to put it in. I understand that happens, but the process I had to go through to get my hands on my phone was atrocious. I spent an hour being bounced back and forth between UPS customer service and Verizon. I could not update my address with UPS because Verizon made it so the order couldn’t be edited. UPS tried to charge me to pick up my package instead of having it delivered since it was already in my city and then told me I’d have to wait three days in order to not pay or I could call Verizon to get them to update the address. So I chatted Verizon and was told by the agent that they could not make changes to a package that had been delivered. The package wasn’t delivered obviously so I don’t understand the logic of telling me that. It took 45 minutes of very delayed responses for your agent to inform me that the only way to edit the address would be to completely cancel my order, have UPS ship my phone back and then place a new order and I would have to pay for the overnight shipping if I wanted it fast and they’d give me a bill credit for the shipping. That is mind boggling to me. Considering every time before that someone had made a mistake, I do not trust you to take care of the bill credit either.

In addition, the phone I wanted had since been backordered til the end of November and when I asked your agent if I could still receive the $4.99 a month deal, they said probably not and it’d be best to just wait it out the three days and pick up my phone at UPS since there was nothing they could do. Either UPS or Verizon is not being honest about how to do an address change and it’s very upsetting to be stuck in the middle. On top of all this, your agent attempted to upsell me on a more expensive plan during this conversation which I really didn’t appreciate considering the circumstances. It was extremely tone deaf to the situation.

I gave up after 45 minutes of chatting with Verizon and attempted to chat UPS and ask them to hold my package at which point they said they could not because a delivery attempt hadn’t been made and I had no notice on my door with a code. I was FINALLY able to get in touch with a person in my local UPS store and they kindly offered to hold the package for me at no cost and let me come get it the next day. This was the first good customer service I’ve received this entire process of switching and it wasn’t even from Verizon. 

On top of this stress and hassle, when I set up my new phone, it did not give me the option to activate it, and after chatting in YET AGAIN, I was told by the agent I had to call the port center in the morning when they open and I was out of luck for tonight. 

In every interaction with Verizon I’ve had so far, someone has done something incorrectly and I have very low trust and confidence in anything being handled properly by you at this point. I very much regret switching and it’s a lot more expensive to be with you versus the other carriers I looked at. I thought I was paying for premium service but I have definitely not received premium anything.

I asked your agent if any credit could be given to me because of this negative experience, and they offered only $30 off my bill one time. I find that a little surprising considering I’ve wasted at least four hours of my time trying to get these glitches sorted at every point in the process of switching and this has been the worst cell service switch I’ve ever done. I would greatly appreciate a larger credit than that applied to my bill. 

You definitely could use a better process as well for fixing a messed up address on a package. It is maddening to have a package literally in  your city and not be able to get it because everyone is following a script instead of genuinely searching for a solution. I really hope my actual cell phone service is good and that this switch was at least worth that, because at this point, I’ll be leaving Verizon as soon as I can. I wanted to love Verizon but right now I’m just severely disappointed and shocked at the lack of professionalism. I’ll be calling your port center in the morning and I really hope I can actually get my phone activated at some point and be done with this nightmare. 


Victoria M.

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