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Terrible Experience Upgrading Phone

This is a complaint about my recent experience upgrading phone through Verizon. I am not sure what are other channels to provide this type of feedback to the company so I will type it out here.


I had an iPhone (also purchased through Verizon) and wanted to upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro. The first order was placed before Christmas 2020 and I received the phone on-time. After I had the phone for two days the camera stopped working. I checked in with Apple technical support and they advised me that the phone had damage, and the best action is not ask for an exchange with Verizon. I contacted Verizon to place a replacement order, and it was within the "14 day care free exchange" window with Verizon.

Everything was fine up until this moment, and the replacement order marked the beginning of my terrible nightmare with Verizon:

  • on 1/1/2021 I placed the order and there was some issue with the "Terms and Conditions" (T&C). The order showed that I needed to accept the T&C but when I followed the instructions the screen showed T&C was not required. The customer service agent helped me checked with telesales, and the lady over telesales also confirmed that T&C was not needed. I do not need to take any actions on my order and it will ship on 1/13/2021.
  • on 1/3/2021 I reached out to Verizon customer service via chat because I was unease about the "On Hold" status for my order. The agent reassured me that my order will ship on 1/13/2021 and I do not need to take any actions. (I kept a documentation of this message). I also contact customer service via phone the same day, and the agent said the tracking number for the order is in progress and will be available in the next two business days. She said she checked the back-end system for the information.
  • I waited around 1/10/2021 and there was no updates in the tracking number. I called customer service again to check in on the status and received the confirmation that the order is still going to ship to me on 1/13/2021. It will take 24 hours for the shipment data to update, so I should check back on 1/14/2021 for shipment info.
  • The shipment data was not updated on 1/14/2021. I called customer service to check status and was transferred to telesales. The telesales agent told me that the order was on hold because of T&C (The issue I have been worried about the whole time) and he needed to check with his supervisor to remove the hold. The phone was disconnected while he put me on hold to talk to his supervisor and I got transferred to customer service. The customer service agent told me that all the actions took place before were wrong and he had no options but to cancel my order and place a new one. I was in disbelief, and the new order would also mean that I have to wait for "up to one month" on top of the two weeks I already waited because the phone is on back order. At the end of the call, he canceled my order because "it was a mess", and advised that the fastest way for me get a replacement phone is through insurance claim. (This is also incorrect information).
  • On 1/15/2021. I decided to book an appointment at Verizon store to speak to a real person face-to-face. The person I talked with helped me figure the plan: I need to return the device and then can come to the store to do upgrade in the store instead of online.

When I am writing this post, I still do not have a fully functioning new phone. The past two weeks of interaction with Verizon has been confusing and frustrating. People keep telling me this and that, and the information conflict with each other. I think I am losing my trust and faith to Verizon, and this saddens because I really liked Verizon and was a happy customer before this.

What I am hoping to achieve with this post:

1. I really want to finally get a fully functioning iPhone 12 Pro. I will follow through the advice of the sales person at the Verizon store and hopefully that is the good way.

2. This terrible experience has cost me time, energy, and emotion that should be used else where. I would like to request recognition and forms of compensation for the trouble.

3. This feedback can reach Verizon management team and actions can be taken to make experience better for future customers.

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Re: Terrible Experience Upgrading Phone
Sr. Member

Others have reported similar or same experience not sure how they got issue fixed but seems to me that your getting the run-around and probably to run out clock on your time to do exchange or replacement

Re: Terrible Experience Upgrading Phone

Thanks for responding to my post and letting me know about the other cases. It would be very unfortunate if the company did this on purpose to cause me to run out of time for proper exchange.

Hopefully my case can be resolved soon and so are others’....

Re: Terrible Experience Upgrading Phone
Customer Support

lazie_bub, we are here for you to help in any way we can! So we can look into this, please send us a Private Note!